Monday July 13, 2009

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon.

You have just finished putting the kids down for a nap and are sitting down for the first time all day.

The phone rings:

“Hi!  How are you doing?”

“You’re going to be out this afternoon?  You would like to stop by and drop some things off?”

“No that’s fine, we’re going to be home all afternoon.”

“In about and hour?  Alright, see you then.”

You hang up the phone, the clock starts ticking down and you find yourself (once again) in a fast-paced, high-stakes game of “What’s Worse”.


a. You are still in your husband’s boxers

b. The Mt. Everest sized pile of clean, unfolded laundry heaped onto your couch.

c. The breakfast and lunch dishes that are filling the sink.

d. The weeks worth of grass, cheez-it crumbs, and bits of paper littering your carpet.

e. The milk soaked cheerios that are stuck to the kitchen table and floor.

f. All of the above.

F!!! …it’s “f”, but “f” is not an option.

So you run to the shower, skipping any unnecessary scrubbing. Basically looking to get the grease out of your hair and yesterday’s mascara off your face.  You run to get dressed.  Did I mention it’s laundry day?  So the only things left in your dresser are 13 ill-fitting tops and NO… (count them) ZERO bottoms.  So you fish a wrinkled skirt out of the laundry basket throw on a shirt and run to the living room.

You grab arm-loads of laundry and throw them onto your bed and shut the door, pausing for a moment to be thankful for doors that shut.  Make a mad dash for the kitchen.  Decide to skip rinsing the dishes and load them (stuck-on crud and all) directly into the dish washer.  You then do your best to scrape cheerios off the table and pick up any large debris off the carpet.

A knock at the door.  You open it slowly and calmly.  You smile and say “SO good of you to drop by!”

16 thoughts on “Monday July 13, 2009

  1. Grace4theday

    Oh, April, so many of us are snickering because we can relate to all you said….we have been there and done that too!
    The only difference…you have the gift to put it into words so beautifully!   Blessings….

  2. periwinklecurls

    I can SO relate. As frantic as those moments are, I always enjoy how my house looks after someone like that leaves….and I think, “Why can’t I get things cleaned up that fast normally!?!?”  =) 

  3. H0LDfast

    i was in rex’s church shirt from yesterday for the better part of today . . . if thats any consolation to the boxers till 2 side of your day : ) 


    Oh, April….my dear……I’ve been there too many times for comfort when the children were young.  Next time throw all that clean laundry back into the dryer! and you can leave your bedroom door open….UNLESS… haven’t made the bed yet!!  And oh, yes…aren’t dish washers a wonderful cache to hide those yucky dishes in the sink? Other than feeling your frustrations, I thoroughly enjoyed your writing abilities!  After all, you do have a baby plus 2 darling little guys to care for….houses can wait!!

  5. inanorchard

    @ROBINEGGS - Thank you!  And you caught me… the closed door was hiding more than just my unfolded laundry  When my dish washer wasn’t working the thing that bothered me the most was, there was no place to hide those dirty dishes.  They either got washed right away or they stayed in the sink.  Once again I am relieved to know I am in such good company!

  6. manuelmusings

    Too funny but too true.  As your children get older it is easier to pull yourself together every morning but then your house is overcome by your children’s projects that you can’t just throw on your bed and close the door.


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