Friday July 10, 2009

I like blogging. I like looking at other people’s blogs.  I confess; I’m a snoopy kind of person.  I like sharing my thoughts, pictures of my kids, the projects I’m working on and I really enjoy seeing what other people are doing. I keep up with old friends, family members who live far away, and have even made some new friends through my Xanga and Face Book sites.

Being privy to other people’s private lives can at times have it’s draw backs.  It’s only natural to look at someone’s life and draw conclusions about them, have opinions about them, and yes even judge them.  I found myself looking at sites and thinking, “Well that can’t be real!  Nobody’s life is that perfect.  They’re just trying to put up a good front; trying to pass off some image of perfection!”

Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to, take or leave it, it’s just my opinion.  I don’t really know what other people’s lives are really like, but I think in my haste to dismiss their “perfect life”; I might have missed out on some real growing opportunities. Maybe they really do have a good life. Maybe they have gained wisdom that I do not have, but I wasn’t seeing any of that because I was too busy writing their lives’ off as fake.

I started thinking about all of the people I know and  admire.  Not just the older “seasoned saints” in my life but my peers as well.  Women who take good care of their families, friends who are raising good kids, and I want to be like them.  I’m not talking about “keeping up with the Jones’” but “iron sharpening iron.”  Bottom line: in order to learn from others I have set aside my pride and follow their example  But I wasn’t doing that.  Instead I was trying to find fault; tear them down so I wouldn’t have to face my own deficiencies.

So the question of “Can their life really be that good?” sort of became irrelevant. I’m sure they have bad days just like I do.  The real question became “What can I gain from their example.”  I have a tendency to be too negative and I want to change that and this is just a small step in the right direction.

So to my other blogging friends I say “Don’t be ashamed to post the good things that are happening in your life!  I want to know and I want to learn.”


3 thoughts on “Friday July 10, 2009

  1. PolkaDotAlot

    Its kinda like church…you want to look your best (for God, of course) and yet no one knows what kind of house you left behind!  “Real life behind the blog/blogger” would be kinda scary to blog about but I want you to know you are invited over anytime to see our real life. :)  


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