Wednesday April 28, 2010

Saturday was garden planting day.  The boys have been involved in the summer garden project from the beginning; tilling the dirt, picking out seeds, and we were all eagerly looking forward to the next step… seed planting.

This is how it played out in my head~

The boys would follow me out to the garden with their toy shovels in hand.  We would all work diligently at marking and hoeing the rows.  I pictured Jude and Gideon holding the lines straight for me as I turned over the dirt for each row.  Then I imagined the three of us bent over the packets of seeds as we talked about seeds, roots, photosynthesis and germination.  They of course listened with fascination and reverence.  Then we would all take turns carefully planting the seeds in the small holes we had dug down the middle of the rows.

This is what really happened~

He drug all of the tools out of the shed (whether we needed them or not) and left them all over the ground for me to step on.

She rolled in the dirt and loved every minute of it.

“Boys, BOYS!  You can’t keep stepping on the rows we just hoed!”  Multiply that by 117.

“Gideon please don’t tangle up the string.  I need that to mark the rows!”

“No guys you have to spread the seeds out!  Don’t just pile them all up in one place!”

“Jude!  That’s the corn row; you can’t plant the cosmos in the corn row!”

“CHARLIE YOU DUMB DOG!!! GET OUT OF THE GARDEN!!!”, plus some other things I muttered under my breath that fortunately no one heard.

“Eliza don’t eat the banana you dropped in the dirt!  Jude, Jude!  Take that banana away from your sister!”

“Guys!!  Were did you put the seed packets?!”

Hopefully they will remember garden planting differently than I do.

Enjoying a well earned ice cream sandwich on the porch.  We told Jude that he was old enough to stay up from naps on Saturdays.  Now everyday he asks, “Is today Saturday Mom?”   “No Bud… it’s not”

We got a sad call yesterday.  Not an unexpected one, but sad none the less.  My husband’s Grandma Jenny had passed away.    I sat down with the boys and told them that Grandma Jenny was in heaven now.  She had lived a wonderful and long life but her heart stopped working right and now she is in heaven with Jesus.  I told Jude, “Grandma Jenny is fine but Grandpa W. is a little sad today so we need to be sure to pray for him.”  This, I could tell worried him a bit.  He spent the rest of the morning writing notes to Grandpa W. and reminding me to pray for him.  My husband came home early to take Grandpa to lunch and Jude begged to go with them.  He wouldn’t be happy until he could see Grandpa and give him a hug.

While Jude was at lunch with his dad and grandpa; we made bread.  Cold, gray days are perfect for making bread.  Gideon loves helping me and Eliza is determined not to be left out of any activity!

We got the ingredients measure out and mixed together, so I let Gid have the mixer paddle to lick.  I turned around from washing the dishes and saw this~

After all the dough had been completely eaten, they both just sat down in the chair together.

Cold, gray days are also good for blanket tents~

My husband snapped these pictures the other night as he played on the trampoline with the kids~


I admit I was more than a little doubtful when he said he thought we should get a trampoline for the kids.  I thought it would be one more expensive toy that sat around unused. 

I was wrong. 

That trampoline has been one of the best things we ever bought.  They are on it every chance they get.

Made myself a dress out of this fun pattern.  I will post more on that sewing adventure soon!

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