Sunday January 20, 2008

It has been a busy two weeks since I posted last.  A good kind of busy.  The happy hum of productivity.  I like January.  The crisp cold weather, the dark bare branches of the orchard against the light blue sky, and I like getting tidy and organized after the business of the holidays.

I spent the last few weeks cleaning out closets and drawers, redecorating, finishing projects, and starting some fun new projects.  I think the boys are enjoying spending more time at home.

A few exciting events have happened in our lives.  First, we added on to our family.

This is Riley.  He’s a 7-year-old Australian Shepard/ Collie mix.  His owners needed to move out of state and were unable to take him.  He is just the sweetest guy! So good with the boys!

There can be no doubt who this dog belongs to.  Whenever he talks about Riley it’s, “I’m going to feed MY dog”, or “let’s take MY dog for a walk.”!  The picture of him on the left was the very next morning after we picked Riley up.  It is 7 am and he is still in his P.J’s, but he is ready to take “his dog” on a walk.

Baby Boy is walking!  I realized that we don’t have any photos of him walking because we’ve been too busy tape recording him.  He’s so funny when he walks, he looks like little robot baby.

Here are just a few pictures taken throughout the weeks…

The kitchen table became their tent for the day.  They ate their meals and played under there all afternoon.
We enjoyed a quick walk before the storm clouds rolled in.

Watching football with Dad

He’s growing up… starting to want to be “one of the guys”.

3 thoughts on “Sunday January 20, 2008


    When I read “added on to our family”, I was starting to get excited because I was thinking something different , so I was disappointed to see….a dog!!!!

  2. H0LDfast

    we’ve got to come meet riley soon.  and i liked your line about the dark branches & light sky. thats what our orchard looks like too, with really grreen grass in between the rows.  still wanting to take you up on your offer – sailor has not forgot : ) love you.


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