Monday January 7, 2008

The break in the rain was just what they needed.  Socks, hats, jackets, boots, and we were ready to face the elements.

This is him; right after he fell on his bottom in the middle of the puddle.

He said: and I quote, “Woo-hoo!  F-A-N-tastick!

4 thoughts on “Monday January 7, 2008


    That’s always been our story, too, so it was good to venture out. We’re always anxious to show Brandon neat, new things, but he’s so adventuresome, I believe he scouted this spot out first…!!! Hey, thanks for the phone #’s the other eve…I was able to reach them @ Shari’s, then Rex called yesterday and assured me they found everything in tact. I am anxious to hold the little darling, though! Hey, English teacher, did I use “tact” correctly or did I misspell it? I struggle some with the right words……just curious! And one more thing, I’d have to disagree with Ali…the boys do not look safe to me, but I only see a small portion of reality. I know you were very close by. I have a fear of canals, too! And I know what a good mom you are, so I am OK with the picture! Love you, dear!


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