Wednesday January 2, 2008

Christmas was busy, fun, messy, and busy!  Just thought I’d post a few pictures from our various Christmas celebrations.  We had Christmas dinner with his parents on Christmas Eve, our own little Christmas on Christmas morning and then dinner with my family that night.  Big Brother thought that going to everyone’s house and opening presents was a great idea, he wanted to know who’s house we were going to next!


Christmas at the inlaw’s

The fishing game from Aunt Jess was a big hit with the whole family!

All the cousins in their new p.j.s

Christmas at our house

Opening presents in their camo. p.j.s

My first attempt at making crepes.  I really like the recipe I used for the crepes, but the orange sauce was a bit too thick and much too sweet.  I was hoping crepes would become a Christmas tradition but the boys where not impressed, they kept asking for pancakes.

Christmas with my family

I don’t know if you can see the expression on his face under that helmet,
but it is the look of utter bliss !
Baby Boy didn’t really catch on to the whole “opening presents” concept.  His older brother… did!

Waiting patiently to open their stockings!

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