Friday April 22, 2011

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

I didn’t take this photo this week, and I have a few words to say about it. 
So why choose it as a Friday {this moment} picture?
Because it was a simple, special, extraordinary moment that I wanted to pause, savor, and remember.

A few words~ It has become and almost-every-Saturday tradition for quite a few years now.  Someone runs to the taco truck for carne asada tacos and burritos.  Grandpa W. shows up in his big blue truck.  The kids start jumping and clapping their hands, “Grandpa’s here!”.  We scrape our plates clean and heaved a contented sigh.  Grandpa always lingers for a little while, to play with the kiddos.  He always takes the time for a push on the swing or a, “Hey Grandpa, watch this!”.  Lately Grandpa has been Jude’s pitcher, catcher, cheerleader, and fly-ball finder.  It is a good life we live.  The kind were grandparents stop by to have lunch, say hi, plant a garden, play legos, toss a ball, put a puzzle together, read a story… the kind of life I always wanted my children to have.

13 thoughts on “Friday April 22, 2011

  1. H0LDfast

    i thought of doing a this moment post … but i had too many this moments for today : )  thanks for coming last night. i thought the same thing – how i love how we live where we look up & see you pulling down the road. that you can just come for 20 minutes and be home again in 5.

    love you, really i do.

  2. myall4christ81

    AAW! This is precious. I always wished I had a grandpa active in my life growing up. Unfortunately for my daughter both of her grandpas have passed. It’s up to Grandmas now. :)

  3. mytoesareblue

    yay…my parents always wanted this for us as kids as well. we were blessed in that my grandparents had some very good jobs before they retired, so they made an effort to come and see my family at least twice a year for all the years they were alive. i have such special memories of visiting them or them visiting us (they drove several years all the way from NY state to Alaska!!) my mom’s parents weren’t able to travel and thus we didnt’ get to know her family as well. we see them every 4 years or so…but talk to them on the phone. i love that your kids have these moments and that grandpa is willing ot hang around and have these moments…a special one with each kid!! what a blessing for you ;)

  4. opheliamber

    I was blessed with my grandparents being second parents to me also.   Unfortuneately in these times our childrens grandparents now have to work so they don’t get that luxury.   Makes me sad. 

  5. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    you are very blessed indeed. and, so are your children and their grandparents.
    some of my fondest memories include my grandparents since we lived 7 miles from them. and, i’m guessing that as your children get older, the times with grandparents will be all the more meaningful.
    happy Easter weekend dear friend!

  6. JsSteph7

    It is so nice to have grandparents close by that love being involved in their grandchildren’s lives! I think both generations need each other alot. :)

  7. appalolly

    I think that is awesome that your parents take that kind of interest in your children. Certainly something to be very thankful for. My parents live right next door to us and sometimes I think my children have no idea how lucky they are to have their grandparents so close!

  8. redladybug18

    I hope when I have kids they get to just hang out with their grandparents.  I was the youngest grandchild on both sides and never really got to know them b/c they lived in KS and we lived in Texas.  Sounds like such a wonderful tradition to keep up!


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