Monday April 18, 2011

It was good to gather around the long tables once again.  We came together to remember.  We remembered the sacrifice that was offered on our behalf, and the debt that that was canceled.  We looked into our hearts and saw our unworthiness.  We looked into each others faces and saw family… we saw eternity in each others eyes.  I washed the beautiful feet of women I love, and was once again humbled as I watched my own feet washed.  A simple act of selfless service, but it represented the heart of what it means to be a Christian… a follower of Christ.  The children sat between us, swinging their legs, they nibble on communion bread, they took it all in.  They don’t understand the immensity of what we were doing, but someday they will, and when their hearts and minds come to that place the foundations will already be laid.   It was sweet, to walk away with a full heart and a little taste of heaven on earth.

It was good to get the garden planted~

To watch the children hunkered down in the dirt with Grammy.

To watch my Dad patiently string up the bean poles. The very bean poles that had me one verge of saying some very un-ladylike words.

It was good to walk away at the end of the day, dirty, tired, sunburned and sore but oh-so-satisfied.


It was good to see the strawberry stands open!  There are two kinds of strawberries… there are store bought strawberries (which are certainly better than no strawberries at all) and then there are roadside stand strawberries; which are heaven on earth!  No sugar needed just stand over the kitchen sink, give ‘em a little wash, take a slow bite and savor.  Rinse and repeat to your heart’s content.

It was a good morning to pick more sweetpeas.  I hope your not getting tired of sweetpea pictures.  You are?  Well… tough beans.

It was a good morning to stay in our P.J’s

A good morning to play in the little pink kitchen with little pink rainboots on.

It was a good morning for blanket tents and legos.

And now is a good time for me to get off the computer.

I absolutely MUST get ironing done this week. <sigh>

~ April

12 thoughts on “Monday April 18, 2011

  1. mytoesareblue

    oh my goodness. first of all, your time of communion with each other sounds amazing. i have never really been able to understand the significance of communion and especially Easter until I was at my church in Hamilton. for some reason, being able to walk back to the table and just speaking with the Lord in the quiet was sooo refreshing and totally centering. I need to make sure that this focus of Palm sunday and Easter Sunday are not forgotten in the business and exhaustion of my week.

    so awesome to see your kids working with your parents to get things planted. my mom and dad have been out working on the lawn and garden, and unfortunately we got some snow today…but it didn’t last too long. hopefully by next week it will start to warm up and we can see what we’ve got going there and what to add to it. Love the multiple vases of your precious sweet peas…and the special moments for each of your kids. sooo beautiful.

  2. ABAHM

    Beautiful description of your time together…a blessing.

    NEVER too many sweet peas I have very small yield so far, as I planted mine late.  I am hoping for some May bloom, but enjoying the roadside ones we found.

    How great to get in a big garden and have such great helpers!  It is WORK, but satisfying.

  3. bethro78

    Now I want strawberries . . .

    My kitchen table has legos like that on it, and bread, and flowers and random toys . . . we just push it all to the middle to take a seat and eat. lol

  4. fruitloops115

    you guys have ‘real’ strawberries already!?! wishful sigh. I cannot wait for them to get here. We have the fake red ones from the store, they’ll do in a pinch but nothing compares to the real deal. And maybe, one of these days, when it  doesn’t rain, i will get our garden planted too. It has been a super rainy spring here. 

  5. celebration_of_life

    We made another trip to the strawberry stand today…then stood over the sink and rinsed and ate:) They are simply the best!!!
    And I so need to get my ironing all caught up!!!
    Happy Monday!

  6. skittler335

    I love how well rounded your posts are. What beautiful Easter traditions you have as a family. Thank you for sharing them. Also I am NOT sick of your sweet pea pictures. :) They are beautimous!

  7. JsSteph7

    Love this post. It’s a good life, huh?! Excited that you got your garden in! And I loooooove sweet peas. Too see them and smell them. Take deep whiffs of them for me, ok?! : )

  8. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    LOVE the traditions your speak so beautifully about…and, i especially love how you include the children in and ARE setting a firm foundation for them by that act.

    tired of sweet peas? no. jealous of your sweet peas? yes.
    and fresh berries? can’t wait for that here…and the planting garden with family…sounds blissful!

    happy tuesday friend!

  9. down_onthefarm

    from the communion table and feetwashing
    to gardening
    to unladylike words
    to rain boots in the kitchen…
    you just put a big smile on my face.

    but the sweet pea flowers and for real strawberries have me feeling a bit jealous!


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