Monday April 11, 2011

Last Thursday it was cold.  The sun was out.  It beckoned us and teased us saying “Come outside and enjoy my warmth, don’t bother with that sweatshirt”.  But the sun lied… there was no warmth only a cold, biting wind.

So we stayed inside and baked~

I had a half a dozen lemons that needed to be used so we made lemon bread.

I had my trusty helpers taste testers

We gave one loaf to our neighbors and by bedtime the other loaf was nothing but crumbs.


~A token of love~
I love that the boys pick me flowers.  The stems are usually a little to short and they are placed in whatever container they find lying about, sometimes the “flowers” are really a handful of weeds, but they are always a welcome site sitting on my table.


Our weekly schedule now revolves around t-ball practice.

Since t-ball is all so new and exciting we were all at practice to cheer him on.  It was cold and I didn’t come adequately prepared.  Fortunately friends offered warm blankets to snuggle up in.


Eliza~ working on her cereal eating techniques, which need some help.


On Friday we went to the zoo with Jude’s kindergarten class.  It was a small zoo filled with birds and monkeys and one aged leopard, but the kids thought it was great!

Right here is were my camera battery died and I (of course) missed a bunch of fun shots.  After the zoo we let the children play at the park and eat their lunches.  We got home just in time for naps… and after herding three children around all morning, I kind of needed one.


It’s time!  Time to start planting the garden.  This year my mom and I are doing the garden together.  We have grand plans for canning and freezing our bountiful garden harvest I am super excited!  I realize that gardens are a bunch of work, and that we live in a corner of the world were fresh produce is abundant and reasonable, but… I love the experience.  Call me a sap, but I want to grow it myself.  I want to get my hands in the dirt, feel my back muscles strain, watch those little green sprouts push up through the dirt, carry in baskets of corn and beans, feel sweat on my forehead as I stand over a kettle of boiling jars, line up all those beautiful jars in the pantry… you can’t see it but even as I type I have a big silly grin on my face.

Happy Monday, looking forward to a good week!  ~April

26 thoughts on “Monday April 11, 2011

  1. TrentTribe

    We love to can tomatoes, greenbeans, cabbage, and salsa.  I hope your garden gives you an abundance.  Some years I have had so many greenbeans I couldn’t find enough people to give them to.  Other years, it was all we could do to put a greenbean on each person’s plate. P.S.  Share the lemon bread recipe, please.  :)

  2. redladybug18

    That lemon bread looks so yummy. If life gives you lemons…make lemon bread :)   Looks like spring is right around the corner for you. Blessings on your garden!

  3. mytoesareblue

    first of all eliza’s spoon technique was quite favourite was the squishing of the nose to get it at just the right angle. i was feeding my friend’s daughter the other day and she insists on holding the spoon and its a very interesting to see her try to hit her mouth.

    t=ball is fantastic. i remember years ago when my brother played it was sooo much fun to watch. i could actually play tball…where as with baseball it seems that i was forever swinging after the pitch. so glad that your son could have a cheering match.

    love the idea of the garden. i like the idea…but not too much of the work personally. we have this new thing here that you can pay a set fee into the plot and then you work it like once every month and you get a certain amount of produce every week. its super awesome cause its always kind of a surprise. i mean the normal things are there, but sometimes there are things that you’ve never seen and you get to cook with them. i’m excited. my friend used to make us salsa from her garden and everytime we opened a jar (even months later) it tasted soooo freshly harvested. i adored it ;)

  4. inanorchard

    @mytoesareblue - I liked the picture of Eliza squishing her nose with the spoon too!  She wants to do everything herself these days.

    I like the idea of the community garden!  We have a local farmer’s market that is really good too.  I’m hoping to make some fresh salsa myself this year.  My friends Nathan and Holly always make really good salsa with from their garden.

  5. mellibella

    You had me at Lemon bread!  That sounds amazing!!! Never heard of it or had it, but it sounds and looks yummy.  Your kids are ADORABLE!!!

    And garden!!!! I can’t wait until Joey starts our garden (outside) He planted seeds about 3 weeks ago and they are going crazy at our back door.

  6. Elizabethmarie_1

    Last time we went to the zoo, I FORGOT my camera.  It was the only time we went last year too….I was not happy about that.
    I Love Eliza eating her cereal…she looks so cute.

    Gardening, weeking, canning, freezing…..some of my favorite things!
    I can’t wait to put our garden in!!!

    Have a great Monday. =)

  7. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    i wish i’d have been your neighbor on Friday! lemon bread sound sooo good!

    you’re not!!!! a sap at all….i know Exactly what you mean about the experience of being able to grow your own produce and process it yourself even if you can get it elsewhere. and, your kids will one day rise up and thank you for instilling that in them…i know i am so very grateful for my parents having taught me about gardening and working for your food…

    have a great week!

  8. DiaryOfaPastorsWife

    MMMMM, Lemon bread?! YUM! Now my night time munchies are in over drive! oiy! :) …….oh yes yes yes, the satisfaction that comes with planting, harvesting and preparing your own food is PRICELESS!! Can’t wait to see/hear all about your garden as it grows!

  9. seedsower

    I love having food that I canned and froze ,it is a joy to make veggie soup without opening cans of processed foods but using things we grew and butchered here on the farm (My nephew does the butchering across the road) . The lemon bread looks incredibly delicious!

  10. Esther_lynn

    Yum. That Lemon bread looks awesome! I am a gardener too. Sometimes I am not sure if I enjoy it, but I do know it is SO much better for you than what you buy.

  11. H0LDfast

    1. we wanna come see jude play …
    2. eliza is a crack up ….
    3. lemon bread sounds delicious ….
    4. i’m thinking of what i could trade with you for garden produce this summer : )

  12. appalolly

    Somehow I missed this post earlier…

    Anyway, loved your post.  The nap thing cracked me up.  “Got home just in time for naps…I needed one”.  Not to mention the kids!

    I WISH that I loved to garden. But alas, I do not.  Good for you!

  13. ABAHM

    I like all the sunny yellow colors goin on with making the lemon bread   Baseball season was always chilly it seems.  I can remember lots of days being all bundled up.  My big David was only a small guy back when his brothers played and he would often sleep in a stroller even as a big preschooler…with his legs hanging over. I love the cozy look of little ones in blanket sleepers, even with breakfast down the front!  I am currently sitting with an icepack on my back from working at our garden plot!  There is something so rewarding and wonderful in bringing in the fruits of your labors.  We have been trying to tame the weeds growing so hardily this spring! 

  14. grace_to_be

    love those little gifts of weeds and flowers.. i always feel bad when they have to finally be thrown away. even if they are dry and dead and stinking up the house. ;)

    miss eliza cracks me up. what a cutie. and lemon bread. yum. looks like the lemon pound cake from starbucks~

  15. skittler335

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing! That bread looks nummy, I don’t think I’ve ever made lemon bread before, I may have to give that a try. It sounds delicious for a summertime snack. And those cereal eating pictures of your little lady…seriously…SO STINKIN’ CUTE! She is so gorgeous. I took both of the girls to the zoo today for the first time, It was a little chaotic at snack time (when I realized the double stroller only has one tray and that I forgot bibs…) but it was fun and the leopard, the bears, and wolves were out and they are so fun to look at. Also I am immensely jealous of your large garden plot. We live in town on .25 acres which ought to give plenty of room for a garden, but most of our yard is shaded. I would really love to have a small 10′x5′ plot to raise some lettuce, tomatoes, corn, and onions. I think it would be so fun! I guess I’ll just stick with my non-edible but beautiful flowers. :) You’ll have to post pictures as things progress in your garden!

  16. inanorchard

    @skittler335 - Thanks!  It is fun to take the kids on outings.  I don’t know about you but we can get a little stir crazy in the house :)

    I am loving having the space to put in a big garden!  My husband is a little nervous about the size but I’m thrilled.  I’m hoping to put a separate patch of pumpkins in around mid- July.  I have my eye on some online specialty pumpkins… we’ll see… I might be “gardened out” by then :)

    I really like your new profile picture!  So pretty in pink!

    @bethro78 - Thanks :)   They certainly are stinkers sometimes!

    @appalolly -  Yeah, right now I have that “new garden crush” going on… we’ll see if the romance lasts the summer

    @seedsower - I always hear people swear by home canned vegetables so I just had to try it myself.  How nice to have your own butcher… we have to pay high prices for that kind of service.

    @ABAHM - When did you put your garden in?  We still had a little bit of frost in the evenings up until last week so I waited.  What happened to your foot?

    @grace2be -  They boys  always look so heart-broken when I finally toss them… that is the one hard part of the love token.  I LOVE Starbucks lemon bread.  I was trying to replicate it but mine are never as high and light as theirs are.  Oh well, it still tasted great!  I bought extra bananas this week so I could try your banana cookies!

    @Esther_lynn - I hope you post pictures of your garden!  If you have any good canning tips or recipes I would love to hear them!

  17. ABAHM

    @inanorchard - We can garden nearly year round.  We have a 25×25 plot in the community garden.  Plus a strip outside that we have our compost and berry bushes in.  We did some planting in Feb/March, but with various responsibilities it can get away from us.  All the winter rains really made a lot of weeds.  Our best season is now before it gets so hot. 
    I have various physical challenges with fibromyalgia, and a sprained knee, but try to stay active.  It has made it so I have to bend at the waist to garden as I cannot kneel  

  18. georgene

    I did some ‘catch up’ reading and enjoyed seeing all you’ve been up to. I think I’ll try the lemon bread since I have a tree full of them. I love the oil cloth creations and the precious pictures of your little girl. What a beauty!

    (I wish “I” was your neighbor! *S*)


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