Monday December 17, 2007

In all of our trips to Pajaro, the weather has not been our friend.  We normally take our family trip to the ocean in the spring, and we have battled storms and gale force winds.  Who knew that our December trip would bring near perfect weather!

We all arrived with enough food to feed a family 5 times our size, and we pretty much ate the whole weekend.  Laying on the beach, eating,  taking long  walks…  my idea of the  perfect  vacation.  The  highlight of the trip for Big Brother was our trip to Gilroy Gardens (formally Bonfante Gardens).  It’s a beautiful theme park just outside of Gilroy that has been designed for small children (not that the adults didn’t enjoy ourselves!).  I think Baby Boy would have had more fun at Gilroy Garden’s if he hadn’t gotten car sick (all over himself and his car seat… not a pretty sight).

The down side of enjoying the company of family in close quarters, is we managed to share more than just food and fun. The stomach flu hit our happy little vacation house on the last night.  We also realized, after we had come in from the beach, that Big Brother was running a pretty high fever.   He  spent the  remainder of the night watching “Veggie Tales” on the couch.

All in all, a great time was had by all!

Three crazy boys, one lovely little girl

Okay, so some people did a little more than eat and lay on the beach
Baby Boy was not very pleased with the sand… he preferred Grandpa’s lap.
A family picture at Gilroy Gardens
I managed to get a picture of him smiling, but for most of the evening he was screaming.
He was so thrilled to ride on the rides. He was grinning from ear to ear all night long.

Just two cool guys eating Cheez-its and watching TV

On the last day we took a walk before we packed up and headed for home.
He’s a good big brother.

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