Tuesday December 11, 2007

All of the stores have been bursting with Christmas decorations since the day after Halloween.  Up until this past weekend our house looked very unfestive.  As I pulled out my small box of Christmas decorations, I was thinking that they were woefully inadequate, and that a trip to the holiday section at Target was needed.

The boys were both sick this weekend, and a trip to the store was not possible, so instead I began hunting though closets and boxes.  I rounded up an old wreath, some red buckets, an old window Jess had given me, and with a little work (and some greenery from my mother-in-law’s yard),  they started to look very festive!

Don’t misunderstand me, I like new things,  but it was fun to take old things and make them new again.


He’s been through a lot these last several days.  Bless his heart.  He’s had a cold, been breaking in new teeth, and had the stomach flu.  It’s no wonder he fell asleep after only being in his crib for a few minutes.

Hoping we are all healthy for our annual trip to Pajaro this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday December 11, 2007


    I figured the boys must have been sick when I missed seeing you at the wedding-sorry! Hey, I forgot to change your address when I sent out cards, so I’ll probably get it back unless your mail is still being forwarded. Thanks for your lovely family picture! Getting the mail @ Christmas is so fun!!! I’ll send you a card eventually. Trust your family is well again. And, yes, the little foot is as adorable as the little guys face! Have fun @ Pajaro…we’ll be in San Francisco with the family for just one night (Sat), then we’ll go to Pajaro in April, Lord willing! Love you, dear!!


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