Wednesday December 5, 2007

Motherhood changed me in a lot of ways.  My body, my mind (it’s just not working anymore), and I’m afraid of things that never crossed my mind before I was a mother.  The things that thrill me have changed quite a bit too; when all of the sippy cups have lids, when I get out of the shower and don’t hear crying…

Yesterday he was playing in the playroom with his legos.  I watched him get his tub off the shelf and carry it to the table.  He sat down and started to build; all by himself.  He made towers, and “campers”, and boats.  Then when he was done, he put all of the toys back into the tub and put the tub on the shelf!  HE LISTENS TO ME!  All of the times I sat with him and showed him how to put away his toys… and it’s finally paying off.

When you’re a mom you don’t get bonuses, or atta-boys, or plaques, but every once in a while you get moments like that!

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