Wednesday September 28, 2011

Normally for Show & Tell Wednesday I have a theme or a specific project planned, but this week it’s more of a, “What’s been happening in the sewing room” kind of Show & Tell.

I finally got around to making Eliza a little dress.  My sweet friend Beth invited us to her house so we could work on sewing projects.  The kids played together and we got down to business.  I had in mind a nice fall/winter jumper.  I had some ideas and inspirations tucked in the back of my mind and found a pattern that I could tweak to look the way I envisioned it in my head.  Here’s what I came up with~

I have been drooling over a certain line of girl’s clothing called Matilda Jane, and after seeing Rachel’s adorable photo shoot with her daughter wearing a darling “vintage” dress with a pinafore I knew I wanted this jumper to have one as well.

This pattern was such a breeze to make!  I finished it in one morning and only had to get my seam ripper out once (that’s a record for me).

I also gathered some fun accessories to go with the new dress.

(a.) A matching “Sunday-go-to-Meeting” bag, (b.)  jumper pattern- Simplicity 2875, the jumper is made out of a mossy green corduroy, the pinafore and lining is a piece from Denyse Schmidt’s new Joanne’s line, (c.) A vintage millinery flower pinned to the dress, (d.) cream knee socks from Target $4.00, and (e.) impossibly adorable ruffled ankle boots- Target $22.99.

Sorry, I felt compelled to show you the boots again… they’re my new favorite thing.

I finished two more bags and I have the “Sunday-go-to-Meeting” tutorial almost finished!

I also put together some little sets of hair clips. 

And because I don’t have enough unfinished projects {} I decided to add another one to the pile~

A quilt, just for the fun of it.

My mom came over one evening and helped me cut out and assemble 20 blocks so I only need about 20 or 60 more to finish it :)

And that’s all, unless you count the growing pile of patterns and fabric bundles sitting on the corner of my desk… but that’s not very interesting to look at (or talk about).

Have a great Wednesday!  ~April

33 thoughts on “Wednesday September 28, 2011

  1. NaniMau

    I LOVE those little bags!!!!!!! I’m still new to the sewing machine, but I made Maliya her 100% silk and minky blanket :) I love it, I’ll be posting a photo tonight after she eats!

  2. pettybunch

    When I was a young Mama, my best friend taught me to sew by having me bring my machine & materials over & we’d sew together while our 6 kids played.  You brought back some sweet, sweet memories!

    I love the jumper, and have decided that my precious grandaughters need one!  I am so glad Amber sent me a rec for your blog awhile ago.  You have been just the inspiration I’ve needed to get back to doing the things I love – now for a new generation!

  3. inanorchard

    @pettybunch - It makes me so happy to hear you say that! I’m glad Amber sent you my way too :)   The dress was very simple, I’d like to make another one for Eliza out of wool.  Gray wool, I think. I’m hoping to find an old wool jacket at the thrift store to cut up.

  4. grace_to_be

    what rachel said ^^ you’re amazing! but i must admit a slight tinge of jealousy over this post though – - that you get to go to TARGET!!!! and get adorable things like those boots. yes. that was a big loud boo-hoo sob you just heard from all the way up here~ canada target can’t get here fast enough. they say summer of 2012!! yay.

    i’m a fan of matilda jane too~ and your creations have actually reminded me of hers in the past.

  5. grace_to_be

    ps~makes me smile to read what nina wrote about me sending her your way.. i
    just think blogging is all about connection and community and cheering
    one another in the family of God on, and i loveloveLOVE when i see that
    happening here!! so cool~!

  6. skittler335

    It boggles my mind how well you are able to sew. I can hardly believe that you finished that in a morning! I hope to see a cute little vintage photo shoot with your Eliza in this cute little getup! (Boots and all!)

  7. sewscrapsing

    April…call my mom, she has a bunch of wool that she originally got to make rugs…she was just telling me she wanted to get rid of some of it =)  And that’s just what she did, bought it at thrift stores.  message me (Beth) on fb for her phone number if you want it!

  8. smilesbymiles

    Ok, those hair clips are just THE cutest thing ever.  You do have to tell how you made them!  You have such a gift at putting things together so, so well!  And those boots! You think I could squeeze my feet in them, too? :)

  9. redladybug18

    wow you sure have been busy this week!  I just love the outfit and how you coordinated everything to go with it.  Those boots are so cute!   The whole outfit looks vintagey and fun!  Those little hair clips are darling as well!

  10. inanorchard

    @seedsower - Thanks Beth!  I love that flower too :)   I’ve had it for going on 9 years now.  I pin it to all kinds of outfits :)   I wish I had bought several of them when I found them in a half off basket at a boutique.

    @NaniMau - The blanket sounds adorable!  You’re very brave to make a silk and minky blanket, they are so slippery to sew on, but totally worth the fight.  The silk/minky blankets are so expensive, making them is a smart idea.  How did you like working with the material?

    @Baseballchik138 - Well you could always give the old needle and thread a try   Always nice to see you stop in!

    @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - You and your wonderful photo shoot were part of my inspiration :)  

  11. inanorchard

    @karisable -  The clips are backed with matching felt.  I pinked the edges to keep the fabric from fraying.  I might try to put together a tutorial in the next week or so.  Thanks for coming by!

    @WakeUpLaughing - Thank you!  I do love having a little girl :)

    @TrentTribe -  I love that lining material too!  The jumper is not reversible but it wouldn’t be too difficult to make a reversible one.  How are you feeling these days?

    @CommittedToHim - I love those boots!  Seriously, if they came in my size I would totally wear them!

  12. inanorchard

    @Cestovatelka - Thank you, you’re too sweet :)   The quilt blocks were very simple to make.  Making a simple quilt is a great beginning sewing project.  There are tons of free tutorials on the internet.  You should give it a try (in all your spare time )

    @grace_to_be - I think my husband might consider moving to Canada just so I won’t have such easy access to Target   Last week he took the kids out for the evening and the ended up at Target, when he came home he said, “April, the cashiers at Target know or children by name!  How often do you go there?” 

    On a more serious note, I think you are so wonderful about cultivating community and building friendships Amber!  If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know half these wonderful women :)   Thank you

  13. inanorchard

    @feyenigma - Thank you so much!  It was a lot of fun to make :)

    @WildWomanOfTheWest - Aren’t those boots awesome?!  I thought you might appreciate their awesomeness   I’d love to see that beautiful machine up and running!  I’d also love to see what sewing “Wild Woman Style” looks like!

    @JessiLeighB - You are a good influence on me :)

    @yurietruly - I would be happy to put together a tutorial!  Their very simple and fun to make.  Check back with me next week and hopefully I will have something typed up by then :)

    @smilesbymiles - I was thinking the same thing!  Why don’t those boots come in my size ;)   I promise I will show you how to make the clips!  They would make a really cute gift or stocking stuffer.

    @redladybug18 - Thanks Gabrielle!  This is actually about 2 in a half weeks worth of sewing.  I just crammed it all together in one post :)  

  14. ToLiveLoved

    I’ve been missing your posts! Don’t know how….

    Anyway, you got skills, girl! Love the ensemble you put together… wish I could sew.And yes, to MJC….we love it! You can pick up pieces on sale online twice a year……keep an eye out! Have a great Monday.

  15. YouToMe

    April, I love that jumper!! I want, I want! Lol.
    Looks like a little dirndl I used to have. I like the matching bag too.

    My favorite is the blocks for the quilt. That is going to be one nifty cool quilt! I want that too! Hahaha. I love these show and tells.



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