Wednesday September 14, 2011

This giveaway is now closed.  The winner will be announced Wednesday September 21st.  Thank you for participating!

This week Show & Tell is all for little girls, because… it’s so much fun to sew for them   Lately Eliza has really gotten into packing her purse to take to church.  She has a small selection of little bags that she loads with a handful of small toys.  I thought a handmade church bag would be a nice little project.

Naturally I couldn’t just make one.  I made 4.  I’m just built that way.  It actually makes sense on a practical level, it only takes a little more time/effort to make 4 as it does to make 1.  Also making four gives me the chance to perfect the pattern and I get play around with 4 designs instead of just one.  Plus I tend to do things obsessively.  When I find a album I like, I will listen to it non-stop until I know every.single.word.

This little pattern is just a simple lined tote with handles.  I took it up a notch by using braided handles and adding little touches to the outside.

It’s about the size of a sheet of paper.  In fact I used a standard size sheet of paper for the pattern.

I also added pockets to the inside for putting important little girl things like, stickers, lip balm, and crayons.  The green floral bag has a crayon pocket but the rest of them have a single large pocket in the inside.

I made the green bag for Eliza. 

I used a little wonder-under and silk ribbon to personalize her bag.

There’s a small bird with hand stitching around it on the other side of the bag.  So far Eliza likes all of the bags except the one I made especially for her .

The solid colored bags are made from Joanne’s “linen look-alike” fabric.  It feels and looks just like linen but it’s a blend which means it can be washed; which is important when it comes to kiddos.

I really like the look of this sweet bag.  I used the natural colored linen and added a variety of cream and soft pink trims to the outside.

For the floral I wanted to keep the embellishments very simple.  One cotton knit rosette in the bottom corner and…

…  some crisp white trim at the top.

This mustard linen was a favorite too.  Very simple.  I like simple.

Since I made four of these little bags and I have no use for all of them, I thought I would give one away.  Of course a Sunday-go-to-meetin’ Bag wouldn’t be complete without some trinkets to put inside.

If your name is drawn for the giveaway you may choose any of the totes except the solid green bag (that one is Eliza’s, whether she likes it or not).  If you want to be entered into the drawing just leave a friendly comment on this post.  Now here’s were I ask you for a favor.  I was hoping to get some feedback from all my lovely readers about the bags.  I’m thinking about making some more to sell, and I was wondering which design you liked the best?  Are the color combinations working?  What do you think would be a reasonable price to charge for a handmade bag?  Your input would be greatly appreciated!  The giveaway will be closed Monday September 19th.

If you would be interested in step-by-step directions for the Sunday-go-to-meetin’ Bag please let me know.  I would be happy to write up a comprehensive tutorial.  It’s a very basic pattern that can be adapted to  different uses, sizes, and looks.

Thanks for stopping in again!  Take some time this week to enjoy yourself :)   ~April

51 thoughts on “Wednesday September 14, 2011

  1. Baseballchik138

    I adore the yellow one! I can just picture my best friend going crazy over that one. Step-by-step instructions would be great. Personally, I like the simpler bags. Solid colors with the touch of something beautiful. A blue one with a cute flower would be nice too. I’m not sure how much you should charge? The only thing I’ve ever sold are books. But, side note, where did you get the flower notebook? It’s adorable. 

  2. myhopeisinjesus

    I saw these and thought “what a cute idea for my granddaugher!” and now you’re giving one away!  I like florals so I guess my favorite is the one you are offering.  The mustard one is cute too in it’s simplicity.  I have no idea what you could charge for them.  Have a great day!

  3. Lucy_or_Ethel

    I like each one. What a neat idea.  The price? Hard to say. With the items inside or empty? Are you using all scraps and pieces on hand or having to purchase everything? There’s so many things to consider. 

  4. dorcasjane

    Very cute bags! Our little girl is almost 15 months old and i can’t believe how she likes bags all ready. My favorite is the green flowered print with the pink flower for embellishment!

  5. natover

    Adorable bags. I love the pink one. It kind of makes me want to be a little girl again. =) The crayon pocket is a good idea, especially for younger girls. Somehow the crayons always end up at the bottom of the bag & get broke or make marks all over the fabric.

  6. SpazzyMommy

    I like the embroidered heart and the one with the pink “stacked” flower with a button on it. I think these are great ideas. ;)  I don’t know how much to charge for something like this….I’m a tight-wad. :)

  7. Carsonsmom2

    My littlest comes up to me while I scroll down through them and this is her response: *Gasp* Mom! Can I have one of those? Can I mom? Can you send me one? I love it!” :)

    They are too cute! I love the crayon holder and the little pockets. I would pay around $10 for a little bag like that. The colors combos are great! I especially like the pink and gray one. My girls love all things pink!

  8. WildWomanOfTheWest

    You are so much fun!  All the color combos are wonderful. I am most drawn to the braided handles. $10-$12 range?
    Or if you put in goodies, up that price. Such sweet bags!

    I listen to the same cd over and over and over, bcs it ministers to my soul.  My husband is begging for something other than Skillet on our road trips.  I could sing a song for ten years, and still have to read the words off the screen.

  9. inanorchard

    @Baseballchik138 - The note book is from Target.  It came in a package of three equally adorable note books (it was $5.99 for all three).  I’ll see if I can put together a tutorial in the next few days :)   Thanks!

    @fruitloops115 - The mustard linen is from Joanne’s.  I think it was $7.99/yard, but they regularly put it on sale for 30% off.

  10. doesntcostathingtosmile

    Love the solid colored ones. I make and sell hair bows, tutus, embroidered tops, aprons, you name it I makeit and sell it! LOL The formula I have come up with is figuring out exactly how much the item costs to make and figuring out the amount of time it takes to make each one. So, lets say these totes cost 3 bucks to make and take one hour…you would add however much you want to make per hour to that 3 dollars. So itf you want to make 10 per hour then 13 bucks. If you want to make 15 per hour then 18. Of course you can round it out and just charge 20 :) I think this is a reasonable way to create a base pay and then alter slightly depending on materials used ans also keep in mind your driving time/gas/time spent at store. These are fabulous! Good Luck!  

  11. periwinklecurls

    LOVE the green floral bag! The crayon holder is GENIUS….maybe a deeper one for a pencil would be good too?

    I have been eyeing a particular little bag that I saw at at the Polo Gilroy outlet store that I thought would be perfect for church for the girls. It was running about 28.00….which was a little steep for a 4 year old’s church purse!

    Bags that have wide bottoms are kind of nice too….then they don’t tip over and spill out. I’d love to purchase these for anywhere from 10-13.00!!! They’re darling. Love the personalization on Eliza’s….even though she doesn’t quite get the thrill of that yet! ; )

  12. ma_an_pa

    Aww, how cute!  I like the pockets and designs. The pink one gets my vote, but they are all neat. $10 sounds reasonable to me.  My little 2 1/2 year girlie LOVES purses and she would be positively thrilled with one of these.

  13. JsSteph7

    Wow.. you are amazing! Those are too adorable. How could one pick a favorite?! I THINK I like the tan one with all the ribbons the best…. maybe.

     I really do think you could do great selling these and everything I have seen you do so far has had great color combinations anyways, so I don’t think you have to worry about that. I honestly don’t know what would be reasonable to charge though. I would guess as long as you’re covering your cost and labor and a little extra, it’s good… right?

  14. Iloveaholiday

    These are precious. I like them all and think they would sell. I think between $10 and $20, depending on your cost for each one and if you add the inside pockets. I like the braided handles too. (since I don’t have a little girl I’ll skip entering the contest this time!)

  15. mlbncsga

    I’m a pockets girl myself….but if I carried a bag the mustard colored one would be my favorite….

     I thought you had to listen and do stuff over and over, how else do we learn….isn’t that what they taught us in school?

    I will not talk in class

    I will not talk in class

    I will not talk in class

    of course I learned other things too

  16. ABAHM

    I think all the bags are so so cute!  You do so well with colors and embellishments.  My two favorites are the floral green bag, because I am a floral person, and Eliza’s bag because I like green, the linen look, the bird, and the braided handles are fantastic!
    Please do a tutorial!!

  17. bamsniko22407

    I LOVE the natural and pink bag!  I love the look and feel of it!  The green floral is my next favorite.  Looks like a GREAT Sunday tote! 

    Please do a tutorial!  As well as enter me in the drawing :)   As for pricing, hmmm, I don’t know.  I guess factor in materials and labor plus profit… as well as price shop bags that may be a similar size and style on Etsy. 

  18. purpleamethyst76

    I LOVE the bags, April, and I’ve been wanting to comment all day.  Every time I sat down something happened.  LOL, so I feel happy that I’m finally here typing to let you know; PLEASE add me to the giveaway.  If I win, I will use the the bag for Sarah.    Here is what I think about selling them:  I am at the point now where I must know that my purchase will last.  So, if you reinforce all seems, make everything as sturdy and washable as possible, it would be a huge plus for someone like me.  An indestructable bag would be nice.   And, also–will you make some for boys? 

    The braided handle is so creative!

    Thanks so much for the lovely post!!!  I (and everyone else here!) really enjoyed it.

  19. hubina1

    aww..  they are all so cute.. touch choice..   I think it’s a “tie” between the pink one and the mustard yellow one.. I definitely wouldn’t have any concept of a price.  but I LOVE your color combo’s, and the design is fabulous! =)

  20. my_pilgrimage

    Love. Love. Love!!!  My daughter is 6 and would be thrilled with any of those.  Not sure if I can pick a favorite but if I had to I’d pick the green floral with the pink flower.  So sweet.  Would love to see a tutorial.

  21. Richgem

    Oh, my GRAVY, Girl, these are SOOOOOOOOO fabulously cute!!!!! My favorite is the green floral with the crayons. Next, the pink. I would totally buy these from you! I have 2 little grandgirls and 2 little nieces. All would love these bags. You are so clever and I love your choices of fabrics and those braided handles…great for the possible wear and tear!

  22. holysmoke4

    Wow, you are so talented! These look great! You really have an eye for color combinations and such. I have a 6 year old daughter and a 2 1/2 year old daughter that would love these bags. I think the green floral one is adorable and the crayon holder is a great idea! I think that you could charge $20 for one of these bags. 

  23. smilesbymiles

    Soooooooooooooo cute!!  I love these!  Especially b/c of the organizational pockets inside!  I’d love a tutorial, too.  Why is all the cute crafty stuff for girls?   You know, either I’m going to have to figure out a way to do it for boys or then have a girl …. and I’m not sure either of those options is feasible. :D

  24. appalolly

    I just love you!! Your creativity, your honesty, your generousity!!  You’re too cool!

    I was thinking as I was looking at this “”  My Nikki would LOVE a bag like this for church.  Especially the one with the crayon pocket thing inside. Your talents amaze me. I was also thinking “I wonder if April sells any of her stuff” as I was reading through, and then I got to the end and saw you are thinking of doing that.  Awesome!  OK…I tried not to read other’s comments about how much the price should be. I totally do not mean this to be disrespectful if my price is too low…maybe I am a cheapskate, but I personally would probably pay $20 (including shipping) for something like these bags and if it was more than that I would probably skip it.  Not saying they are not worth more…just being honest. I have no idea what something comparable would cost on Etsy or whatever. Or how much time they take to make, how much fabric costs, etc.

    The pink one is def. my favorite. LOVE the braided handle too.  My daughter is ALL about pink and girly type stuff so she would certainly choose that one over green or yellow.  But that’s just her. And me, for that matter.

    I hope I win!   Thanks again!

  25. mytoesareblue

    i always LOVE your crafty wednesday posts…so inspiring for me. i still have some beautiful scraps that i’m not sure what to do with, so i continue to be inspired by these entries. i loved them all but especially LOVED the yellow one. i think that pattern is nice and simple and you can dress it up or down according to your needs. so silly (and seems usual) that a child wouldn’t prefer the one special made for her…but the others ;)

  26. sewscrapsing

    Adorable!  I personally like the green floral and the pick with trim.  I personally like flat straps better, but the braided ones  go well with the pink.  Good job – very kind of you to share.  =)  Sarah will be thrilled if we win.  Price?  tis hard, but I’m thinking 7-10$ range…but how in the world do you rectify that with the time involved.  except that you got to have fun =) kindof like me and my jam =)

  27. grace_to_be

    dude! maybe i can finally leave a comment.. my computer wouldn’t let me yesterday for some reason. i’m hoping it’s because God knows you’re going to pick number 43 !!! ;)

    i love em all. but if you held a gun to my head, i’d have to go with the yellow one!!

  28. Missionfieldof5

    Hello, I came via Amber’s recommendation…..I would be interested in the step by step instructions.  I have a 9 year old daughter and we were just talking about making a book bag for church to carry her prayer binder and bible!!  We were going to use this idea as her first sewing project.  Thanks for posting such a wonderful project!!  Melissa….

  29. CaliRosie

    DARLING!!! I just LOVE to pink one… and all of them really! i really enjoy seeing your projects and the way you make sewing/crafting look so simple and easy. Bless you for the work you put into sharing the fun with us too. :)  

  30. pettybunch

    I came on Amber’s rec. Like one above, I immediately thought of my granddaughter when I saw these. I love them all, and I really like the crayon holder.  I agree that you could easily get $10 – $20,depending on the intricacy.  Craft shows are big around here, and that’s a great place to sell this type of thing. When Grandma or Little Girl sees it, they don’t think about price – they just buy!  I know I would!!!

  31. skittler335

    Oh my goodness, I would love one for my Kylie bear! You are so talented. I know I just won those beautiful clips though, so no need to enter me into the drawing. I would like to ask though, if you would consider making another little one, how much you might charge?

  32. FourBlackSheep

    I absolutely LOVE these bags!!! I’d love it if you’d share a tutorial ~ they are too darn cute! I think the size, and colors are just perfect The pink bag, and the floral bag are my favorites ~ Great job on these!!

  33. redladybug18

    I love these!   I think my favorite is…oh man I can decide.  I like all of them!  I like the personal touches you added!  I think they’d also be cute with some ruffles or rickrack  :)   I think the colors are cute and work well!  As for pricing, I’d say $10-$15 depending how much much money/time you had in them in make them.  I think if you were going to sell them as sunday meeting bags and if you wanted to put a bit more into it these, it would be cute to add…    I saw a little girl at church the other day and she was having a blast with her felt bible story book.

  34. lifeisadance

    I love the yellow one! Just darling, all of them! And goodness, YOU asking if the color are working?? When YOU are the BEST at putting things together! Seriously! :) And yes, I think you should make them to sell!

    Goodness, I want to catch up on allllllll your posts…. Missed you! One of these days I’ll be caught up again… :)

  35. H0LDfast

    i’ve finally scrolled through all your comments & now its my turn : )
    eliza’s name is the best …. her name on the bag i mean …. not that her name in real life isn’t good … ok you know what i’m trying to say : )
    seriously super cute. do you wanna know how to spell sailor, molly & regan ; )
    my favorite is the yellow one – without the lace.
    you’re incredible …


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