The Day We Met


My sweet baby girl, someday when you are older and we are sitting snuggling on the couch, I will tell you the story about how we first met; about the day you were born.  And this is what I will say…

First I’ll begin with a healthy dose of mom-guilt.  I will tell you what a long 9 months it was and how you completely disregarded your due date.  All along I had been calling you my June Baby, but you decided that July would be your month.  July 1st rolled around and the contractions started to come in the early morning hours.  All day I thought that July 1st would be your birthday, but once again you had other plans.  You made your entrance into the world at 33 minutes past midnight on July 2nd… but I’m getting a little ahead of myself.


It was a beautiful summer evening and this is the view I had as I looked out the window from my labor and delivery room.  Your dad was standing by ready to help, camera in hand, just as anxious as I was to finally meet you.  The nurses and the midwife bustled in and out checking on our progress.  The midwife who delivered you was a happy, easy going woman named Jenny who spoke with a lovely Australian accent.

Finally a little after midnight it was time to meet you.  I laughed through the tears as I held you in my arms for the first time.


You were perfect.  Finally we could see the little face that would go with the name we had picked out so many months ago, Pearl… Pearl Ava.

This is were you’ll stop me and say “Momma, tell me the story about how I got my name”.  I’ll smile and tell you (probably for the 15th time) about how you got your name.  I will say “Pearl, your brother Gideon chose your name.  When he first found out that he was going to be a big brother again he said, ‘Mom, if we have a brother I want to name him James, but if we have a sister I think her name should be Pearl.’”  He decided very quickly that we were definitely having a girl, and he called you Pearl from that moment on.  Later, when we found out that you were indeed a girl, it was pretty clear to both your dad and I that Pearl had to be your name.  When Gideon found out that we decided to use the name he chosen he just beamed with pride!

Now where was I?  Oh yes, the night you were born… We spent those first early morning hours just looking at you.  Your dad and I taking turns holding you and talking about how perfect and small your little ears were.  Trying to decide which of your siblings you looked the most like.  The nurse finally took you and weighed you; 8 lbs. 9 oz.  and 21 inches long.  You were a full pound bigger than your sister was when she was born.

Over the next few days friends and family came into the hospital to love and kiss on you.  You were such a little sweet heart.  So calm and relaxed, hardly fussy at all.  I think I held you most of the time, saying your name to you over and over, as you stared up at me with your big dark eyes.

We took you home on one of the hottest days of summer, 105 degrees.  You wore the little “going home” onesie I made you and it just barely fit!


You looked so tiny in your big car seat.


Daddy did the honors of carrying you into the house for the first time and soon Grammy dropped off your brothers and sister (or as we called them “your fan club”).


Your big brother said that you were “a pretty cool baby”, and that’s high praise coming from him!


Those first few days after we brought you home from the hospital were slow and we spent them sleeping in, snuggling with you, taking turns holding you (because everyone wanted to hold you).  Every morning when the big kids would wake up, the first thing they would ask is, “Where’s Pearl?”.   No longer a, “good morning mom” just, “where’s Pearl?”.


But your sister… oh my… how much she adored you.  She was never more than a  few feet away from you.  Changing diapers, giving baths, picking out your little outfits… she wanted to do it all.   She loved smelling your head.  She would press her little nose onto the top of your head, take in a deep breath, and then she would smile slowly.


You surely were kissed ten thousand times that first week.


And that’s your story, the story of your birth little Miss Pearl.  Love you much, Momma


19 thoughts on “The Day We Met

  1. jennykauffman

    beautiful picture, beautiful story, April! i love all the lo0ve and coziness just oozing from your family. (heart) and pearl…. what a pretty baby.
    ps. that 2nd picture down, makes me want to have another one!

  2. Shannon

    As much as I loved the story, I’m sure Pearl will love it even more! She is so adorable. Little girls grow so fast, I can hardly believe mine is laying on the floor doing circles on her belly already. Love her up!!

  3. Shanda

    I was so thrilled to get your comments on BlogSpot and Xanga. Thank you so much for keeping in touch, April. I have thought of you and even considered coming back to FB JUST to get your baby news!! In a very small way, your bloggy friends have been waiting along with you through these l o n g nine months. Wow, overdue and big! But so worth the wait, she’s beautiful and I absolutely LOVE her name. Congratulations to you and your husband! Much love!

  4. Clarita

    April, this is just so beautiful it made me cry!! Birth stories get me every time, and hearing yours, along with the deep love and adoration that pours out of your heart and words ~ well, it just melted me! I think I’m beginning to have baby fever!!

    Little Pearl is so so beautiful. And I adore the picture of your two daughters – that is one for the ages, an heirloom forever!

    Also, I love your new blog! The new fresh space, but it’s still so familiar and cozy.


  5. Nina Petty

    Oh, April, you have a Pearl of great price! How sweet and wonderful! I love her birth story, and that Gideon named her. I’m grateful you are doing well, too. God bless your precious little family!!

    1. April Post author

      Thank you so much Nina! Are you blogging on WordPress now or are you staying with Xanga? I’d love to keep in touch with you!

  6. Beth

    Oh, how sweet this was! I love it! I love that her brother named her, that picture of you holding her, and the one of her sister on the bed just adoring her to pieces!

    So so happy for you and your family.

  7. Amber S

    Oh my goodness, April she is a doll! I was just thinking we might be done with 4, but if I know what’s good for me, I might shouldn’t look at these pictures. Just precious!

  8. Robin (Grammy) Rodgers

    Well it’s July 18 2013. As always I read through tears of joy when the telling of a time and place encompasses my children and their children. Our grandchildren, 10 grandchildren, 10 little lives that came to us as a gift from heaven. 10 little hearts that make ours swell with indescrible joy. Welcome little Pearl girl! And for the 10th time our lives have changed forever! Love you dearly little pne. Grammy

  9. Cindy

    i felt great big weepy gulps in my throat with your second picture. it’s loaded with thousands of words, so precious and beautiful. a so very longed for little person and her arrival. i love your story. :)

    welcome sweet baby pearl! happy hugs and xoxoxo to you and your family!


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