Tuesday September 28, 2010

It was another first for our little household.  Our first kindergarten field trip.

The day began early… too early.  My room was still dark when I pried my eyes open to see the boys faces huddled at my bedside asking, “Is it time to go to the Fire Station mom?”  I rolled over to see the clock- 6:20.

“Boys.  Go back to bed.”  It didn’t work so we headed into the kitchen for cereal and coffee.

After a long morning of “Is it time yet?”, and “How about now Mom?”, we finally loaded up an headed out.

Can you see it… the looks on their faces?  They are in little boy heaven!

When we arrived the firemen were cleaning and inspecting the fire truck. The 109 ft. ladder was completely extended and then brought back down.

Fireman Tim showing the kids all the equipment they use to, (and I quote) “Break stuff.”

I love the expressions on their faces; they are in awe.

They all got to touch the axe.

Showing off the chain saw which is used for (you guessed it), “Breaking stuff”.

Hanging out inside the fire truck.

The whole class

The crew at Fire Station 5 were great!  Seriously, they really took the time to show the kids around, answer any of their questions, let them touch things, climb on trucks.   It was a great experience.  One that will be talked about in our house for many, many, many days to come!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday September 28, 2010

  1. Shaniqua777

    awesome. I loved going to the fire station as a kid and then again as a teacher. The kids always have a great time and firemen are always sweet and welcoming. I even went to the Ripon Fire for one of my students birthdays and they passed out hats and stickers and then one of them even slid down the fire pole. ;) ~ ehehehe Fun times and great pics.


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