Monday August 23, 2010

I blinked and the week was over.

Only it wasn’t that easy.  When I say that it makes it sound like I just batted my eyes and magically… the children were taken to swim lessons, the special orders were made by elves as I slept, the house got cleaned by singing mice and other musical woodland creatures,  grocery shopping, school volunteering, Sunday School lessons all just took care of themselves… no, not quite like blinking.

I suppose what I really meant was it all happen so fast.  I felt busy and breathless most of the week.

But the breathless week started out very pleasantly.  Cupcakes and cookies in a beautiful backyard with  good friends.

For those of you who don’t know, this is Jama.  One of my oldest, dearest friends who married the man of her dreams, moved all the way to Brazil and now has a beautiful little baby girl.  Her sweet husband was good to share his girls with us for a few months which is a great reason to throw a party!

Holly’s beautiful backyard.

It was so good to smile at friends and love on each others’ babies.

The children ran and hollered until they were tired, sweaty, and red-faced.

The other quest of honor being adored by Rudy or as I like to call him “the Baby Whisperer”

Such a blessing to be able to meet Miss C. in person!

I have so many pictures just like this one.  Jama in the middle, Stephanie and I at her side, smiling to the camera.  Our ages, hair styles, outfits, and the settings change, but our friendship is the thread that runs through it all… unchanged.

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