Wednesday August 18, 2010

Stephanie and I have done things side-by-side for a long time now.  We got engaged months apart (to our future husbands, not to each other), she was married in May, I got married the following month and 5 years later we were both pregnant with our first children. 

Elizabeth arrived first and Jude came three months later.  Considering the amount of time our families spend together, there was really no getting around it… Jude and Lizzy would have to be friends.  But from very early on it seemed clear that being good friends would come naturally to them.

This picture is terribly blurry but I love it.  The two of them sitting in their car seats holding hands.

It has always been the two of them.  First birthdays, first day of Sunday School class, trips to the lake, apple farm, vacations… 

… and today they had their first day of Kindergarten- together.

As the first day of school got closer and closer I could tell the Jude was nervous.  One morning as we sat on the couch reading books I talked to Jude about kindergarten, hoping that talking about it would help to ease his mind. 

“You’re going to have so much fun Bud!  Mrs. Boone is going to be your teacher, we will get a new backpack and lunchbox, you will learn so many fun things”

He looked at his knees and nodded.  He looked up at me and said, “But Lizzy will be there right Mom?’

“Yeah, Lizzy will be there Bud.”

He smiled and and said “Okay Mom!”

He doesn’t know about “best friends”

He just knows that if Lizzy is going to be there…

… then everything will be alright.

Lots more pictures of his first day to come.

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