Tuesday August 10, 2010

For about 18 years our church has been going to Camp Chinquapin for family camp.  Children have grown up, married and are now bringing their own children to camp.  Old cabins have been replaced by new ones, outhouses exchanged for bathrooms with showers, but one thing never changes… this is the place were good memories are made.

We went up a day early with a handful of other families and spent our extra day at Lake Alpine.  Snacks were packed, boats unloaded, rings inflated, and armloads of towels, beach chairs and ice chests, were dragged down to the lake shore.

~lovely ladies~

Snuggled up in warm towels

Sitting around talking, laughing and eating Diana’s “World famous Face Book salsa”. It is seriously good!

We got to take a tour of the lake in one of the canoes too!

The boys loved it.

And Eliza could not resist the gentle rocking of the boat and was sound asleep 2 minutes into our boat ride.

The barrel train was a highlight for the boys!

Gideon decided this was the best place to be and happily sat on the swing with Kathleen and Leola for almost a half an hour.

The “Minute to win it” demonstration.  I like how Evan is just standing there staring at this strange group of people

“The boys”

Proof that making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was never intended to be a group activity

Lots of fun campfire skits every night!

I missed out on taking so many pictures but such is life with little ones who need naps and like to run off.  Jude worked up the courage to try the rock climbing wall and learned to stop and start all by himself on his bike.  I also missed pictures of the fun water balloon toss that turned into an intense water balloon fight!   Pictures of walks with an old dear friend and her baby girl, and Eliza and Gideon decided to finally take a 2.5 hour nap during the “Minute to Win it” contest… thank goodness there is always next time!

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