Wednesday August 4, 2010

We did not spend the entire weekend playing in the redwoods.  Saturday was just a fun day hanging around the house.   I was out watering the garden and I noticed some of our sunflowers were looking ready to harvest.  The large center heads were bent over and looked withered.  I have never harvested or roasted sunflowers before, so I ran into the house and did a quick search on the  internet.  I literally cannot remember how I obtained information before the internet.   After reading up on the subject I gathered some supplies, rounded up some helpers and headed back out.

I stretched to reach the tops of the sunflowers, and handed them down to the boys to load up in the wagon.

This is his “I’m a serious worker-man” look.

The boys hauled them to the back patio so we could get them ready to dry.

We hung them with twin and then placed paper bags over them to keep the birds away and to catch any seeds that fall as they dry out.

The children also helped me pick two big buckets of zinnias and cutting sunflowers.

Other milestones

A few months ago Justin had been working with Jude, helping him to ride his bike without training wheels.  Jude obliged his dad occasionally but he really wasn’t that interested, so Justin decided to give  bike riding a rest.  Last week Jude asked to get his bike back out and try riding again.   In less than a day he was buzzing everywhere!  The bike he learned on was a small used blue bike we bought at the thrift store for $8.00.  Justin decided it was time for him to get a new bike, so after dinner one night we left the dishes in the sink, threw our shoes on and went to Toys R Us.

He was a bit overwhelmed at the number of choices so we narrowed it down to a specific price range.  He and his Dad picked out the orange racing bike and loaded it in the van.  We made a quick stop off at Wendy’s for celebratory Frosties and made it home just in time to try out the new bike before dark settled in.

Green slime~ a must have for country bikes

Then he took off!

Do you remember that feeling?  I do.  Riding your bike for the first time, feeling like you could go anywhere, pedaling like mad with a big grin stretched across your face…  the very best times in life.

In the Sewing Room~

I also squeezed in a little time to try a new pattern.

My very first Noodlehead Gathered Clutch and it certainly won’t be my last!  I found this free tutorial on a wonderful sewing blog.  I am so happy with the way it turned out!

The pattern has simple, easy to follow directions and I loved the beautiful little details on the clutch.  It’s a great pattern for using up extra pieces of fabric that clutter up the sewing room.  The clutch only takes 2, 1/4 yard pieces of fabric and an even smaller amount for the coordinating band across the front.

I only had on small hiccup with the instructions.  The pattern calls for one, 8 inch zipper which is not a standard size zipper.  I checked at Joanne’s, Beverly’s, and Walmart and none of them carried 8 inch zippers.  No big deal though.  If you want to make a clutch just buy a 9 inch zipper and shorten it by following the directions on the zipper package.  Shortening the zipper was simple, but it was an extra step.

I found that it was best to cut out and make several at one time; only a little extra effort for double the reward!  I already have three more stacked up on my sewing table, ready to be assembled (when I can steal a few more moments).

Just one last thing; a little plug for Noodlhead sewing blog.  Anna is a very talented woman who is not stingy with her patterns and tutorials, and is quick to respond to questions regarding her (free) patterns.  So if you like her site; tell a friend…

5 thoughts on “Wednesday August 4, 2010

  1. celebration_of_life

    Yeah for Jude!!!

    You’re a nice mom…I’m tempted to just put the giant sunflowers in the garbage. Betsy says that if I leave them hanging over in the garden like they are now that next year I will have more volunteer sunflowers than I want to deal with…

    But still they are hanging there…

  2. inanorchard

    @celebration_of_life - I might really come to regret going down this “sunflower seed manufacturing” road   But I’m willing to give it a chance plus I LOVE eating sunflower seeds (addicted to them, would probably be a more accurate description)!  Jude is very excited about riding his new bike this weekend with Kate… we are ALL very excited about this weekend!

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, April, I adore your little clutch!  I WANT one!  Your Zinnias are gorgeous – we had those in our little garden once and had a praying mantis take up residence.  The kids thought it was great…and Scott and I did too!  I just love all the pictures you include in your blog.  Makes it so much more personal!

  4. Anonymous

    oh I love the Amy butler fabric you used, it’s so darling.  and the little buttons, so precious.  I’m glad you liked sewing the clutch and you are so right when you said you might as well make a couple at a time, it’s totally worth it!  Great job.  :)


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