Tuesday August 3, 2010

This weekend we played in the cold, clear waters at the base of a waterfall, in a redwood forest were ferns grow along the banks of the creek.  It’s not everyday I can say something like that but… that is exactly how we spent the first day of August.  The first day of August~ I can hardly believe it…

We took in all the beauty, the smells, the sounds

We shivered

Got soaking wet. 

She has absolutely no fear.  Which terrifies me and delights me all at the same time.  I love how she rushes headlong into any situation with a wild grin on her face… but she never seems to learn from all of her bumps and bruises.  She seems to think the laws of nature do not apply to her… her mother would beg to differ!


Found treasures


Floated.  He had the best time collecting things and floating them back and forth across the creek.

Fearlessly plunged into the waters (before her mother had a chance to remove her own shoes )

And snuggled up into warm towels

Oh but that’s not all we did!

We met Grandpa and Grandma W. at Mt. Hermon.  We had a picnic, and explored some of the trails around the conference center.

She tolerated the pack very well but she wanted so badly to get down and run along the path with her bothers!  Next summer she will be.

He loves collecting little “treasures” and cramming them into his tiny shirt pocket.  That green stripped shirt is his favorite for that very reason.

Finally!  A little freedom.

We did lots of other very ordinary things this weekend too, and now that I have a clean photo-upload-slate; I will be posting lots more pictures of our everyday adventures.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday August 3, 2010

  1. Anonymous

    I have such fond memories of Mt. Hermon as a kid.  I would open my car window as we came closer because you could actually smell Mt. Hermon.  Creekwalking and finding banana slugs were my favorite!  Thanks for the lovely little trip down memory lane!


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