Friday December 25, 2009

The only Christmas tradition that I have faithfully observed, since the year we were married, is our Christmas family album.  The very first year we were married I bought a small red photo album.  Every December we take our family picture and put it in the album with a brief year-end summary written on the back.  The following are all our family pictures, minus the first two, which were not taken with a digital camera.

Christmas 2002~ “the year of the mullet”

Christmas 2003

Christmas 2004~ 4 months pregnant with Jude

Christmas 2005~ Jude is 7 months old

Christmas 2006~ I am 8 months pregnant with Gideon and Jude is 19 months old

Christmas 2007~ Jude 2 & Gideon 11 months

Christmas 2008~ I am 6 months pregnant with Eliza, Jude is 3, and Gideon 2

Christmas 2009~ Jude 4, Gideon 3, Eliza 9 months


6 thoughts on “Friday December 25, 2009

  1. plantinthewindow

    @inanorchard - well, the motorcycle part didn’t work out, but I did go on the trip.  it was nice. : )  I came back under another name, as you see.  it’s so good to see you.  btw, will you friend me?  my friend button doesn’t work. please?


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