Sunday December 6, 2009

In the morning when we wake up the house is surrounded by white; white fog, white frost.  Lately I’ve been making the evening “blanket check” rounds before I turn out my own light.  Their blankets are never where they should be ~ on the floor, pushed to the end of the bed, or wrapped around their heads exposing their little feet. 

It is winter ~ even better it is Christmas time!

Some people mark the start of the holiday season by braving Black Friday, or breaking out the Christmas CD collection, or going to Keller’s for new Christmas decorations. 

At our house it’s glitter, construction paper and glue!


I found little white Christmas trees in the dollar section at Target, so I bought one for each of the children’s rooms.  They sit on their dressers looking so cheery with glittering stars and paper chains (I love paper chains!).

I really like this picture.  I really like him.  I like that he buys Christmas trees for us even though he thinks it’s silly.  I like that he sings hymns at the top of his lungs all through the house.  He makes us feel safe, and loved.

They were beyond excited.  They had so much excitement built up in them it came out their finger tips and toes!

Very serious about being the keeper of the tree topper.

Her first encounter with a Christmas tree.

Saturday was a day of baking and bathing babies.  Neither of which I can do without making a huge mess.

The lighting at my kitchen sink is almost always perfect.  I couldn’t help but get the camera out and snap some photos of her curly head!

It’s hard to lose a good dog.

It’s even harder to tell your sons that their dog won’t be coming home again.

To explain why we buried him under the ground.

To assure them that Riley is not sad, or lonely, or hurting… he’s dead, like sleeping~ only it’s forever.

It was hard to hear the lonely howls of our new puppy Charlie, all through the night.

Every time I turn onto our lane I expect to see him round the back of the house, wagging his tail and pushing his nose into my hand.

Daily I have been reminding myself to enjoy Christmas, to make it fun for them.  Not to let my own silly lists get in the way of building really special memories for them. 

3 thoughts on “Sunday December 6, 2009

  1. Shaniqua777

    you are a very special mom and you are already making it a special time for them by spending time with them, baking, decorating n letting them work on their own crafts. :) enjoy the rest of this blessed holiday season with the ones you love!!

  2. H0LDfast

    silly lists have been attacking my sanity this morning – thanks for the reminder.
    love you & merry christmas.
    we’re thinking about the journey to bethlehem tonight – wanna freeze with us : )

  3. inanorchard

    @H0LDfast - We would love to (here comes the but) BUT… Jude hasn’t felt good all week and it looks like Eliza might be coming down with a cold too.  We’ll probably just stay home even though we all have a bad case of cabin-fever!


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