Thursday July 22, 2010

NO… it’s not my shirt.

It’s my sister-in-law’s maternity shirt.  She is going to be in a friend’s wedding this weekend and asked if I would dress up a top she had picked out.  She supplied me with fun fabric, trim, buttons, and bravely let me have my way

Here’s what I came up with~

I decided use the teal jersey knit fabric to make rosettes.  I found some matching polka-dot netting I had stashed away. 

I started by cutting the material into 1-1/4 inch strips.  I used my cutting mat, ruler and rotary blade, but scissors would work just fine.

I pinned the two fabrics together.  The knit fabric is pretty stretchy; I wanted to make sure it did get longer than the netting as I sewed.

I turned my stitch length dial to the biggest stitch.  You’re probably wondering why I thought it necessary to take a picture of my sewing dial… what can I say… I’m a visual person.

Then I sewed along the bottom edge of the strip, being sure NOT to back stitch on either end, and leaving enough thread at either end to work with.

This is were the job got a little tedious- the gathering.  I started by pulling the top thread at one end of the fabric.  Bunching up the fabric as I pulled, and sliding the gathers down the length of the strip.  Once I had gathered one side to the middle, I flipped over the other end and began gathering that side.  I had to be careful not to pull the thread too hard otherwise is would break, and sometimes the gathers would want to bunch up and not move.  I just patiently worked the ruffles with my fingers until the whole strip was gathered.

The possibilities of this little ruffle are practically endless.  Sew it onto the edge of a cardigan sweater, the neckline of a t-shirt, add to the bottom of a skirt, trim out a pillow…  this one however is going to be a flower.

Next I traced a circle out of the jersey knit, making it slightly smaller than I wanted my finished flower to be.

I tucked under one end of the ruffle, pinned it to the circle and moved to my sewing machine.

I carefully guided the presser foot in a circle around the bottom edge of the fabric.

As I came back around to the other side of the circle I began to spiral the fabric towards the center of the flower.  When I got to the very center I tucked the other end of the fabric under and back stitched several times.  The center didn’t look super tidy but the button in the center would hid all that mess. 

The finished product.

Next I used some of the silver organza to make smaller sheer flowers.  I started by stacking 4 layers of organza together and pinning them in the middle.  Then I cut out a four leaf clover shape.

I used my fingers to fan the petals out and then stitched up the center of the flower.

I laid the flowers out and hand-stitched them to the shoulder of the shirt, tucking the little organza flowers around the larger teal rosettes.

Now that I have figured out how to make the rosettes I’m looking forward to making some for myself.  In fact I think I might just start sewing ruffles and roses onto every article of clothing I own   If you notice me suddenly wearing an excessive amount of roses and ruffles, don’t worry about it too much, it’s just a phase…I’ll grow out of it.

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