Her First Weeks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is going to be another post with lots of Pearl news.  She’s a month old and I am already noticing changes in her.  She’s awake more.  Her eyes are searching farther and farther; she is trying to take in the world around her.  The big kids rush by her and she cranes her little head, trying to follow their fast, loud movements.


Her adoration has not waned in the least bit.  She’s a great little helper but sometimes I want to issue a restraining order, make it so she can’t come within 20 yards of the baby for at least 3 days… maybe 3 weeks.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe wanted to help snap the baby’s onesie.

She insists that she is big enough to carry baby Pearl around and I insist that she is not.  That hasn’t kept her from trying.  Fortunately no real damage has been done.  The other morning when I got in the shower Pearl was in her bouncy seat.  When I got out of the shower Pearl was on the couch.  That was a little unsettling.

These summer evenings have been so nice!  The other night we all ended up in the backyard after dinner.  Daddy was working on building a fence, I was weeding, Pearl was watching us from her bouncy seat, while the kids ran around the yard.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVery soon we were all sitting in the grass, playing with the baby, chatting and watching Daddy do all the work.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvenings are not Pearl’s favorite.  She’s a peach all day but when 6:00 in the evening rolls around she becomes a sad, sad baby.  Feeding, rocking, cuddling, burping… nothing will console this tiny girl.  She will grow out of it, just like her brothers did but in the mean time we must grin and bear it.

Amazingly I got some sewing done last week.   The kids were playing nicely, the baby was taking a very long nap, and dinner was being brought to us so… I sewed!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI made another Geranium dress but this time I made the tunic version of the dress.  It went together so smoothly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a small dot fabric that Miss E picked out herself.  I used some Denise Schmidt fabric to line the tunic and added some little pockets to the skirt.  I also added some lace to the bodice for a little feminine touch.


Little yellow buttons down the back.  Miss E loved it and wanted to wear it right away.


There’s so much more I could say about these first few weeks but I am pressed for time so I will keep this brief.  I will just say that I forgot.  I forgot how time consuming newborns can be.  How long it takes for them to nurse at first.  I forgot how completely irresistible they are.  Even when I’ve worked hard to get her asleep and I have a ton of work to do; I see her with those chubby cheeks and that perfect, peaceful face and I just want to snatch her up and squeeze her!!  We all feel that way about her and I find myself constantly saying “Leave the baby alone!”.




We gave the Bumbo a test run the other night.  She’s still a little too small.


But she flashed me a grin and I pretty much melted right on the spot.  She’s got a great little smile if I do say so myself.

Goodnight friends see you soon.

11 thoughts on “Her First Weeks

  1. Audrey R

    I don’t think it posted my last comment so I will try again!

    April, Pearl is such an adorable baby and you had me wishing for another right up until 6 pm! :) That inconsolable thing is rough, and I hope she gets over it very soon!

  2. Shannon

    She is completely and absolutely adorable! My little one is 5 months old and creeping across the floor already but I haven’t forgotten what that first month was like! Such sweetness but oh such trauma too! :) Love her up!!

  3. Clarita

    My goodness, but I love this! Pearl is so gorgeous.And that picture of the two of you is absolutely stunning!! I had to laugh at the big sister’s determination to help, and that she is indeed big enough!! Because, well, we have one such sister here as well, and although she means well, it sets my panic button off numerous times a day. Still, when my baby is 14 months. :) I well understand. Love this update, April!

  4. Beth

    AWWWW. I just love newborns. It’s so amazing how fast they change in those early days! She’s so precious, April!

    I have to chuckle about your helpful helper!

  5. Rachel Helmuth

    What a little cutie. that smile in the last picture is just so precious. and the dress. oh my, you are amazing and now I really know you LOVE to sew when that is what you want to do in your spare time with having a newborn baby. i’m impressed. love the way you are enjoying this time consuming stage, and the fact that you know it won’t last forever is a gift to your little bundle. bless you April.

  6. Jenny

    She is so sweet. I totally know what you mean about wanting to grab her, but having to tell yourself, and everyone to leave her alone. :-) I figure God made them so adorable to help ease us through all the care. You look pretty with your long hair!

  7. Nina Petty

    Just too, too precious! I also had to chuckle while reading of E’s constant desire to help! We have that so much with the oldest granddaughter since she’s 3 years older than the next, 4 years older than the last in that family! So bossy, too! ;-)
    That pic of you and little Pearl is absolutely gorgeous, and her little smile in that last pic just melted my heart!!
    And even though it’s been 30 years, I remember those difficult nights – we called it colicky baby. My Mama lived next door to me when Nathanael was born, so I would walk over, she’d lay him on her ample bosom, he would go to sleep, and I’d walk him back home. Sometimes more than once an evening!! Like you say, it does end!!

  8. carmen

    what an adorable bebe!! Sewing in the first month after new baby?! Wow, that totally amazes me! The tunic is just perfectly darling!! You are very talented!! Yes, babies take so much time, but as you well know, that first year flies by incredibly fast!!

  9. Shanda

    April, Pearl is beautiful. What a blessing that she’s so loved and healthy and that you are all having fun with a baby in the house! These early baby days are so special.
    Grace had a few weeks of the evening crying sessions, too. The only thing that helped was walking around our apartment with her in our arms. So dear.
    Much love to you! ~Shanda

  10. amber

    hello my friend! i was thinking of you tonight and looking at your facebook page.. i saw this link and remembered i read it from my phone when you first posted but never came back to comment…

    what a sweetheart little pearl is! and isn’t that just the most tender name – how will you ever yell at her with a name like that!! haha. ;) ) i hope her evening crying times have subsided by now.. if not, i know she has lots of arms to help hold her and love on her!

    the shot of the two of you is so pretty. i love your hair longer.. when i first “met” you through blogging it was really short!

    always enjoy seeing what you’re turning out in the sewing room. amazing that you get that in with 3 littles and wee baby too – i was looking at some of the new stuff just in at baby gap. some of their girl stuff is to die for. i thought of you and how you make things that look just as cute.

    on a side note- just love the eiffel tower pic above the change table. so cool.

    hugs to you and little pearl. xo


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