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Our summer ended last week and no one in our house seemed to mind one bit.  For my boys, the novelty of summer vacation wore off about mid July.  They missed their friends, their teachers, and the comfort that goes along with a school schedule.

This year we had two back-to-school pros in the house.  Both the boys woke up excited for the first day without a drop of nervousness from either of them.

Of course it wouldn’t be the first day of school without mom taking a picture on the front porch step!  And just for your viewing pleasure I included the previous years all the way back to J’s kindergarten year.  What a difference 4 years makes!




We arrived at school early so we could take a tour of the classrooms.  J’s classroom is in the cozy little cabin again.




His teacher Mrs. B did a great job setting up their little classroom!  I love the big table they will all be studying at this year.  We feel so blessed to be apart of our parent/tutor homeschooling co-op!




The first day of school means we all gather (moms, dad, friends, grandparents, aunts & uncles) to pray over the teachers and children.




The classes and their teachers are introduced while everyone cheers.

This is J with Mrs. B and his classmates



This is G with Mrs. S and his classmates






G at his desk.  Mrs. S who worked to hard this summer to make G’s classroom to warm and inviting!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is already shaping up to be a great year!  The kids are enjoying their classroom time and the schooling they do at home with me.  It’s a lot of hard work for all of us, but the reward is seeing my children thrive, forming close friendships, and seeing them really excited about the things they are learning.  I know all too well, that before I even blink, I will be writing a last-day-of-school post.

September is almost here and we are enjoying a long weekend celebrating my Mom’s 60th birthday!

7 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Audrey R

    The pictures make me wish we could send our kids there! It looks so inviting! We are homeschooling for the second year, but I can’t get it out of my head that Kierra would flourish in a more social setting with a little friendly competition!

  2. Clarita

    That log cabin school is adorable! And the long wooden table – what a classroom!! Your whole set-up – the walk to school, the good teachers, the small classes, all of it – makes me want to have my kids enrolled there too. :)

    The pictures of the year-to-year are so great. It’s crazy how much difference even ONE year can make.

  3. jenny

    I agree with Clarita, what a difference from year to year. And I liked that you included them for our viewing pleasure :-) Looks like the best of situations, small, intimate, Godly, and the kids look forward to it!

  4. amber

    happy back to school to you all!! i love that cabin classroom – i think i’d like to go to school there too! so quaint and just cool – sure makes a difference too the kids when they walk in and see someone has put in the time and effort to decorate and fix it up.

    i love that you’ve taken their pictures in the same place each yr. i never think of things like that until it’s too late! but especially shots in the same place really seem to show the growth and change of the kids – maybe because you’re not distracted by a new background etc.

    hope you and baby pearl are doing good. have have thought of you several times lately and just felt out of touch.. that’s one thing i’m looking forward to with the kids back in school is being able to have more time in the afternoons to stay in touch w/ friends. :) )


  5. Nina Petty

    This post brings out the nostalgia in me! I miss teaching my own kids, and I love the little school your children go to. It really blessed me to read that the parents pray over the children and the teachers. What a needed prayer!!


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