Thursday July 8, 2010

I hardly know were to begin…

The weekend was so packed full of special moments and exciting events (exciting for our little world anyway).  The children spent the  entire time being dirty and delighted!  It all began on Friday.  My dad spent his day off putting together the new play structure we bought for the children. 

Jude was never more than 3 feet away from his Grandpa the entire time.  It was a never ending stream of questions that my dad answered with the patience only a Grandfather can muster   Justin came home from work and headed out to finish up the work.

Grandma and Grandpa W. came for supper that night.  We feasted on what I like to call “gourmet junk food” i.e, hot dogs, garlic fries, sweet potato fries, fresh sweet corn, and watermelon!  Then we went out front to get the camp fire going and have dessert.

Now that’s how you start a fire!

Homemade cookies and ice cream

I love this picture

Grandma didn’t get very much of her ice cream

At the beginning of the week Daddy had promise the boys a camp-out, so we set the tent up in the front yard. 

They really do bring so much joy and excitement to our lives.  They are delighted with little things like, sleeping in tents, sparklers, and campfires.  They make the whole world seem new again.

Pumping up the air mattress

Oh yeah that’s the good stuff!

Grandpa surprised the children with sparklers.

Daddy was good to sacrifice a night of sleep and he was repaid with the undying gratitude and admiration of the boys!

Usually on the 4th of July we have our choice of several firework shows but not this year.  The closest one was in Stockton on the Delta, so we packed snacks and loaded up into Grandpa’s boat.

We met friends for dinner.

Then we made our way down the Delta towards the fireworks.

Don’t tell my Lucky Yellow Hat but, I’ve been seeing another hat lately and it’s getting kind of serious.

Eliza being a good sport and munching on a sandwich in her life jacket

At last… what we had all been waiting for!

I love the look on the boys faces in this picture

Amidst all the fun we also got a lot of work done… but more on that later.

In other exciting news, we had our first real harvest from our garden!

A handful of carrots and a basket of green beans.  Here’s hoping that the excitement of picking vegetables leads to an excitement of EATING vegetables

In addition to our veggies we’ve also had a nice crop of Zinnias and sunflowers come up.  They look so happy sitting in vases around the house.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend too!

5 thoughts on “Thursday July 8, 2010

  1. H0LDfast

    i like your life …. or should i say i like your blog : )

    i’m jealous of the fireworks – thats what we were hoping to see.  but no, they did ‘safe & sane’ fireworks.  i.e. sparklers on the ground.  rex said he wanted unsafe & insane in the air : )

    i just got a new yellow hat – that i’m loving.
    your beans look wonderful. so do your flowers.

    i never told them about the campout …. but if you do it again, i’m sure rex would be up for a missed night of sleep too : )

  2. inanorchard

    @H0LDfast - I think you are qualified to say you like our life   “Unsafe, Insane & In the Air” would be a great name for a firework show!  I can’t believe they didn’t have any at the coast?  Not even in Santa Cruz?!  I saw your darling yellow hat and your sweet flirty white skirt (I’m jealous that you can wear ruffles around your hips and bum and look great doing it!).

    I didn’t tell Rex but we have some of the offspring from his giant pumpkins growing in our garden.  Apparently the pumpkins he gave the boys decomposed in the exact spot we chose to put our garden.  Now we have pumpkins everywhere!

  3. georgene

    Precious memories! I was reminded of the tree house your Dad made for you and your brother in the backyard when you were a child. I’ve never seen such an elaborate tree house in my life.  

  4. celebration_of_life

    You make it look so wonderful and easy…so glad that even after the hard work of being the mom and helping make all those things happen for your family that you still see the blessing in it all!

    Have you won the war with the bermuda grass in the garden???

    …love the new floor…the new hat…and now I want to make homemade ice cream!!!

  5. inanorchard

    @celebration_of_life - Speaking of homemade ice cream… I need to get your recipe for coffee ice cream!  Unfortunately, right now the bermuda grass had taken over the middle portion of the garden and I think I need heavier equipment than my own hands   I really love our new flooring, the living room has become my favorite room in the house!

    Oh and… you are a good friend Holly (just thought you should know that )


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