Friday July 2, 2010

I have accumulated pictures over the last week and was trying to think of a clever way to link them all together, but there really is no common thread.  Just the comings and goings; the everyday hum of our little world.

I do love mornings with the children.  They toddle down the hall on sleepy legs with tousled hair, blankets trailing behind them.  Everyone congregates in the kitchen.  Toast, butter, jam, cheerios… they are slowly waking up and chatting happily with one another.

~A breakfast picnic~

The other morning, as I came in to the kitchen to make coffee, I found this little note.  It was carefully placed next to one of the mouse traps.  Jude must have left it there the night before.

It appears to be some kind of warning to the mouse.  I pictured the little brown field mice huddled around it and one of them saying, “It says ‘Don’t eat the food!  IT’S A TRAP!’”.

Everything is growing.  The days are growing longer, the children are growing taller along with our garden.

Our green beans are not ready to harvest yet but Holly gave us a nice big bag from her garden.  The boys pulled their stools up to the sink to help snap beans.

Today we took our first trip of the year to the Farmer’s Market.  The cousins went along with us making it an extra special day.


The whole clan.  We must have been stopped a half a dozen times and asked, “Are all these your children?”

No… most of them we kidnapped

Off to the park for swings, water fountains, and enjoying some of our Farmer’s Market purchases.

Oh yeah, that’s the good life

She seemed to think is was a giant drinking fountain.

Alli and I also enjoyed some much needed catch up time.  The topic of blogging came up, as it occasionally does, since we both blog.  The one criticism that seems to come up over and over is the question of “realness”. 

No, this blog is not our “real” life.  It is a small part of it, but it is certainly not inconsistent with the way we live and conduct ourselves.   It is not the entire picture; nor would I want it to be.  There are days that take every last bit of strength I have, and there are days that leave me feeling broken and empty; when I lay in bed and night and pray “Oh Lord please don’t let them remember this day.”  I don’t say that to gain sympathy; I merely mention it because it is true.

Tonight however, is not one of those nights.  Tonight I am perfectly happy and content.  The children are all asleep in their beds, with dirt on their toes and smelling slightly of sunscreen.  The house is full of fresh cut flowers (thanks to my mom) and I am enjoying some delicious dark chocolate.


4 thoughts on “Friday July 2, 2010

  1. manuelmusings

    I love it, “Are all these your children!!??”  When we lived by the Cordreys people would stop in because they though we ran a day care. 
    When the kids were little we used to go play in the water at the park too; your pictures brought back many memories.

  2. H0LDfast

    i think i am going to steel that quote sometime …. the one about it being a blog about our life and not our life : )
    we should a taken a picture of you & me – you know just for the sake of keeping it real – lol.


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