Big Butt Baby

Last year I purchased Rae’s Big Butt Baby pattern.  Can you tell I’m a huge Made By Rae fan?  I can’t help it.  Her patterns are fun and I love her colorful fabric choices.  Made by Rae was one of the first sewing blogs I started following (my awesome friend Trisha turned me onto it) and I never get tired of her creations!

Anyway, I was looking for a simple pattern that would make a great gift for baby boys.  I debated the purchase for awhile before I took the plunge and bought the pattern.  It’s a little more money than I usually spend on a children’s pattern but I knew I would use it to bits… and I have!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese were the first Big Butt pants I made for my friend Jenny (for her infant son that is, not Jenny).  The fabric is Riley Blake’s Seaside line, which is to date my favorite boy themed fabric!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI paired them with simple onesies that I embellished with fabric paint and stamps (you can check out that tutorial here).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe pattern comes with a variety of add-ons; cuffs, pockets, ruffles, knee patches… I like the way the pattern gives you the freedom to use multiple fabrics.  This little pair was made from a lightweight Chambray with plaid pockets and rear panel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week my sweet friend, from way back in my high-school days, had a baby shower.  She’s expecting her first child (a little boy) this winter.  I took the morning to make a matching onesie and pants.  The pants are that simple to make!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis fabric is from Moda, it’s called “Oh Deer” by MoMo.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile I was cutting out the bird pants I took a moment to cut a pair of chambray and floral Big Butt pants for Miss P.  When I came home from the baby shower I sewed them up for her.  She’s in desperate need of warmer clothes!  The kid is growing faster than I can keep up with!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I talk about patterns I always want to be honest about any hitches I come across while sewing them.  This pattern does have a little hitch.  The rear panel has a tendency to pucker at the crotch.  Rae wrote up a helpful tutorial about how to avoid that pucker.  I read the tutorial carefully, but it still took me sewing the pattern several more times before I was able to make a pair without a pucker.  The rear panel just takes a little fiddling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPearly-girl likes them!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like them too because they are super comfy and easy to put on!  She can move around in them and they’re perfect for throwing in the wash over and over.  I just need to make her about three more pair!

That’s it from the sewing room my lovelies!  Thanks for stopping by, April


18 thoughts on “Big Butt Baby

  1. Clarita

    How do you do it? How do you just keep inspiring me over and over again?! I just cannot handle so much inspiration. I’ve just got to get my sewing machine and fabric out once again. :) xo

    1. April Post author

      Please do Clarita! Get that sewing machine out so I can Ooo and Ahh over your sewing projects! By the way I’m on the look out for a teal polka-dot shirt so I can make Eliza one of your silhouette t-shirts for her!

    1. April Post author

      Elizabeth, you don’t need a baby I’ll make a pair for you ;) You’ll start a bold, new fashion tend, and Hollywood celebrities will be wearing them on the red carpet.

  2. shelly

    Your clothes are ADORABLE!! I am not a sewing woman (I get frustrated!), but pictures like this could almost get me inspired enough to try it out. My baby due in January would LOVE clothes like this, I’m sure. :) On the other hand, if you SELL them, I could just place an order . . .

    1. April Post author

      Shelly I wish we lived closer to each other, I’d help you sew a few up for your new little one! These pants are a great beginner project. But maybe we could work out an order between now and January :)

  3. Rachel

    Oh my stars!! Baby Gap ain’t got nothing on you April!! These are so darling!! Your sweet babe has got to be the best dressed baby in the state of California!:)
    So inspirational April. Thanks for sharing!

    1. April Post author

      Rachel you are so sweet! I don’t know if Miss P is the best dressed but she certainly is the most comfortable :)

  4. Beth

    Why can’t we live closer so you could be my personal seamstress?? That’s probably not an appealing thought to you but it really is to me. :D

    1. April Post author

      Ok, we’ve talked about this before Beth. I’m totally on board with being your personal seamstress/plucky sarcastic assistant. I just need to pitch the idea to my husband.

      Besides I’m already day-dreaming about the girly things I might get to make for your little one :) Boy or girl, I’m totally sewing for that miracle baby!!

  5. jennie z

    oh my word…I totally, totally love these pants and onesies. it actually makes me feel sad inside that I don’t have your talent or patience. these are AMAZING!

  6. Thelma

    seriously. so stinkin cute.
    and you. inspiring. like really, if i had a small baby, the last thing i would do is pull out the sewing machine to sew for it, prly cuz i’d think it’s not worth it since they will outgrow them soon anyway, but look at you go. I love it.
    I also adore your knack for matching prints together. you really have a gift.
    and i enjoy every peek I get of that little pearl person.


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