Monday September 29, 2008

Sometimes it feels like my life hurries by in a never ending stream of tasks, errands, and conflicts.  But yesterday the whole world slowed down for an afternoon at the beach. 

It started with the perfect lunch: salami, cheese, crackers, apples, and jelly bellies.  We dug with shovels and pails, ran in the sand, dipped toes in the ocean, climbed rocks and chased birds.  It was so fun and even relaxing!

He pulled the boys reluctantly from the waves and we all stumbled back to the car with our arms full of blankets, chairs, bags, and buckets.  We got them into warm, clean clothes and headed for out to find some good pizza. 

Late that night when we pulled into the driveway they were both sound asleep.  We carried them to their beds, stripped off sandy shoes and sweatshirts, kissed their cheeks and turned off the light.

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