The Week That Was

I hope my “Week that Was” posts are not getting too tedious for you.  I am enjoying them so they will probably stick around for a little while.  It’s easy to get swept away in the daily ebb and flow of life.  These weekly entries help me pay attention, they help me to slow things down a bit and document these precious days.

So here they are in all their everyday-glory: pictures from our week with captions.

1. Momma attempts to bake something other than drop cookies with three eager and “helpful” children under foot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2.  We gather around the communion table.  We remember.  We celebrate.


3. Brothers and Matchbox cars

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3.  I’m addicted to her smiles.  Honestly, they’re like a tractor-beam of adorableness that pulls me in every time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Homework.  I love it and I loath it.  I love that it slows my busy pace; makes me stop and spend time with my sweet second-born son, but it tests my patience like few things do.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5. Speaking of sweet second-born sons… he proudly sat down and read a whole stack of books one evening.  That’s a sight I never get tired of seeing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6.  Rainboots and haircuts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA7. Post haircut puddle jumping in her Easter dress

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8.  Rainy day sewing with the friend who knows me best. Who for some reason laughs at my silly jokes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9.  Making Thanksgiving treats for school friends.


My thought for the week:  Loving someone doesn’t mean you have the right to show them less courtesy and kindness than you do the sales-clerk at Target.  Manners aren’t just for the people we brush into in town.  The ones we are closest to deserve our best but so often they are the ones get the dregs, the leftovers, the curtness, the careless remark.  If we cannot show Christ’s love to our own spouses and children, then we cannot show it to our community.

6 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Shannon

    There is just something about ordinary, simple days turned into weeks that I love. It looks like you had one of those. – I can’t get over the cubbies on Miss Pearl. Wow. She makes chubby look good! :)

  2. Clarita

    I really enjoy these posts too! They are so tender and precious!
    E’s haircut is really really cute, April! Good choice. :)
    Sewing with your friend for the day sounds soo fun!
    And I have some of that same fabric – like you used for E’s Easter dress. It’s some of my favorite I’ve ever bought – and it better be, for the price I pay. :)
    Seeing your child begin reading for the pleasure of it is so neat! We’re just starting to get there too.
    Happy Friday, lovely!

  3. jennykauffman

    your posts always make me incandescently happy. :)
    such warm homey-ness.
    i LOVE eliza’s new hair and her pretty dress. makes me want to sew again. i have started a little… so that’s fun. i loved the picture of your sewing friend. and i remember you talking about her. aren’t those friendships just the best?!
    also, the thought at the end. thanks for that. i am going to target tomorrow, so i will try to be kind to my little daughter who runs around at the cash, just like i am to the cashier. ha. (actually i just realized, my daughter is not going with me. happy dance. love the little thing, but i need a break. :) )
    you are so inspiring, as always! love ya!

  4. amber.

    love these little peeks into the everyday – makes me feel like we’ve just chatted on the phone or something and you’ve caught me all up on your lives! :)

    happy thanksgiving week friend~


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