The Week That Was

Another week in our little household.  A week of bubble baths, bumped heads, red-nosed children running around in the cold, cozy fire burning, what shall we have for dinner?, entire cities made out of wooden blocks, is it bedtime yet?, and goodnight kisses.

1. Baking in our p.j.s

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2. Making our favorite lemon cookie recipe for special dinner guests.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. Building block towers whilst wearing a tutu (whilst is a fun word to say, don’t you think?)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Our special guests!  A lovely evening with yummy food (thanks to Justin) and excellent company!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5. Trying something new

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6.  The sewing room, piled with Christmas projects.  I don’t like to have my desk so cluttered but from now until January it will most likely stay that way.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA7.  Our new wall hangings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8.  Fabric sorting day!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9. Snacking and listening to The Boxcar Children audio recording

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10.  My little artist hard at work

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA11.  Animal cookies and milk after playing on the trampoline for over an hour

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA12.  Thanksgiving morning, all of our clothes ironed and ready

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA13.  My “quick let’s get a picture while they’re all clean and in one place!” moment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA14.  My loves and I with my “happy but tired” face.


My thought for the week:  Enjoy your babies.  I know that sounds trite, but it’s so easy to fret away those first months.  Worrying about spoiling them, starting “bad habits”, all the “you should never…” type of advice people are so prone to give.  Just enjoy them.  The day is coming when you will have to worry about spoiling and disciplining and habit-breaking, but those first precious months are for loving, singing, rocking, walking the floors, and letting their little heads fall asleep on your chest.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

7 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Thelma

    April! your watercolor! so PREATY!! I adore watercolor paintings, that is something i would love to learn to do yet one day.
    and your kids! SO Cute! And you and your beautiful tired but happy face. i just like these pictures.

  2. Christy

    April, I love these “The Week That Was” posts!” They really are inspiring me to take more photos of my own weeks. And your home–there is so much creativity and order both–which is incredibly appealing to me. I want both, but I end up with one of the other, so I sit here looking and wondering, “How does she do that?!” :) Your family is so sweet.

  3. jennie z

    I totally LOVE your posts. I agree so much with the ‘just LOVE your babies’ attitude. You are such a inspiring lady! You husband and littles are so BLESSED to have you for a wife and mom!

  4. Clarita

    I love these weekly posts! And your watercolors!!! That is so gorgeous! I’d love to see more. :) And your pictures are all a beautiful day to treasure these little moments… I so agree with your take on the baby stage. I think I enjoyed my third most of all – I was more secure as a mother, and parented him so much more out of my own heart, rather than being paranoid about all the “so-sayers.” :)

  5. Shannon

    Add me to the list of ones who like your weekly posts. Simple, yet so fun to read about. And you kids, I still think you should have at least 12 because they are so CUTE!! I call dibs on them for future in laws! :)


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