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So here we go…

I don’t know why this feels so unfamiliar and little rusty to me, but I have missed this place. I have missed you all.  So here I am dipping my feet back in the blogging waters.  You will have to bear with me as I fumble through this post :)

Our life has been quietly and steadily humming along; filled with dirty little feet, sloppy kisses, tooth fairy visits, loud happy voices around the dinner table, crocodile tears, spilled milk, dirty dishes… all the everyday things that some how add up to something quite extraordinary.

Here’s a few pictures I managed to snap over the last month~

The boys hard at work on our new sprinklers

It’s t-ball time!

He loved being back on the field

Sunday afternoon smoothies and popcorn on the back porch

I love her face

Fun field trips with J’s class.  This was a tour of a cabinetry shop which is owned by one of the student’s grandpa.  Each student got the a beautiful wooden plaque that said “Jesus loves _____”.  Such a thoughtful gift!

Afterward the children got to take a tour of a wild game exhibit. 

Such and amazing collection, the kids were beyond excited!

There was even a full sized giraffe

They also got to pet some friendly zebras

If I were to give this picture a title it would be, “My most favorite smile so far…”

This one I call “I dressed myself”

I love how the sit with their heads touching

Opps, I’ve been spotted

Miss E doing a little cleaning while I tried to do some of my own cleaning :)

I look forward to making the rounds and seeing what you are all up to these days.  We have a full weekend, starting tomorrow with a celebration.  My firstborn turns seven tomorrow.  Seven.  That can’t be right.



Lately life has been full of the everyday things that define this stage of our life, a life with little ones in the house.

Occasionally I wake up to this sight~

A little girl who has crawled into our bed in the wee hours of the morning; wedged herself between me and her father and snores her baby snores.

Everywhere I look there are traces of them.  Sometimes it makes me pause and smile, other times… not so much so (is it that hard to get clothes in the dirty hamper?  really?)


A few weeks ago, on a perfect spring Sunday, we were on our way home from church when we spontaneously decided, a picnic in the foothills was the perfect way to spend our afternoon.  We stopped off at a grocery store and picked up all the makings for sandwiches and drove to Knights Ferry.

It’s a great place to let the kids roam.

Climbing rocks, running down paths, dipping their fingers in the cold river.

The poppies covered the entire hillside (it’s moments like this I wish I were a real photographer).

And here’s me, the girl behind the camera.

There is a covered bridge and several other historic buildings around Knights Ferry.

It really is the perfect place to visit on a warm spring day!

All in all March has been a very packed month so far, which has made me appreciate all the more my days at home with the kiddos.


So I bought these cookies at the store the other day.  They’re an off brand $1.99 a package, generic cookie.  I thought they’d be good enough for the children.  Oh if I had only known…

If I had only known how good they would be, how they would haunt my dreams… I would have never let them in the house. 


We made a trip to the library too.  There is just nothing like that “post-library-trip-quietness” that descends on the house.  Three children sitting mesmerized on the couch, pouring over every page of every book.  It’s almost worth the astronomic late fees we always manage to incur.


Today was the first day of spring.  We celebrated by taking a morning walk in our PJ’s to pick blossoms and daffodils to bring in the house.  The house needed some fresh springiness.  The windows were thrown open, every room got a good scrubbing, and there were flowers on the table…

We gathered up a small bunch of daffodils,

and put our blossoming branches in a large vase and suddenly the house seemed brand new again.

It was a good day, and now it is time to lay my weary head on my freshly washed pillow and tuck my tired feet into my clean sheets.

Good night friends,  April

insert clever title

Post titles I considered for this post:  “Falling for Fall”,  “Orange you glad it’s Fall?!”,  or “Obligatory Pumpkin Patch photo-op”.   Pretty cringe-worthy right?  This is what happens when you are at home with preschool-aged children all day and your vocabulary starts to deteriorate.  When the only jokes you know start with “Knock-knock” or rely heavily on puns.

Nevertheless, we have been doing a lot of fall-ish type things these days.  Even busted out the apple cider this morning.  The house has been festively adorned with pumpkins, wheat, leaves and the like.  Justin brought the pellet stove in from the shed and stocked up on pellets.  Drawers are slowly being filled with long-sleeved shirts, pants, and sweaters.

I’m pretty sure I like decorating for fall more than I do Christmas… in fact I’m certain I do.

 We also went to the pumpkin patch with Jude’s class~

Brought home some pretty cute pumpkins ;)

Now if we could just get some nice fall weather.  Upper 70′s, lower 80′s are lovely temperatures unless you are longing for cold days, a good rain to wash off the harvest dust, and reason to sit by a nice warm fire. 

The Rhythm of Home

One thing I love about going away is coming home.  Somehow the familiar ebb and flow of everyday life feels sweeter, pillows are softer, home looks homier.   I suppose that is what a rested body and mind will do for a person :)

Anyway, that’s what I’ve done for the last week, I’ve enjoyed just being home.  Three little bodies piled on me while I read bedtime stories.

Plus, fun things have been happening at home!  We have a new, spacious back porch…

…with lovely double doors leading out onto it.  I am picturing rocking chairs, hanging flower baskets, a red table and mix matches painted chairs for enjoying diner on the porch… yes it all looks lovely in my head :)

The weather as finally dipped down into the 70′s during the day.  The evenings are chilly.  Which means enjoying warm, slow-cooked meals, soups and homemade bread again!

My bread making assistants.  Gideon was determined to sit and watch the bread rise until it doubled.  He lasted about 3.5 minutes.

He wandered back in time to punch the dough down and help roll them into dinner rolls.

I also tried a new recipe for homemade cheese crackers.  I found the recipe on Pinterest.  I have been lured into the wonderful, addicting, time sucking, inspirational, black hole that is Pinterest.  If you’re interested you can find me here.

They turned out really well.  Very easy to make, just 5 ingredients, they were a big hit with the kids.  Next time I need to roll them out thinner though.

I took Eliza girl to get her hair cut for the first time.  I’ve been cutting it since she was a baby, but it’s gotten so much thicker and she’s gotten squirmier, so I thought it was time to bring in the professionals.

Can you see the look of apprehension written all over her face?

At first she didn’t even want to sit in the chair, but Liz brought out the bowl of suckers and suddenly Miss Eliza got very cooperative.  I wanted a simple A-line cut with some little bangs.  Simple and sweet, classic little girl style…

I really love the way it frames her little face!

And here they all are lined up ready for Awana Night… looking fresh-faced and darling!  This is the very first year they have all gone to Awanas.  The boys love it and Eliza loves it once she’s there   And Justin and I love having a weeknight to ourselves!

So that’s it.  All the big news from our little corner of the world!  See you again soon, April

Come walk with me in the last of the evening’s light.

Come just as you are

We’ll hold hands and explore

We’ll stop along the way, being sure to notice every little thing.

Finding treasures along the way

And someday when I think of these childhood days I will remember them this way…

Slow and sweet, with dusty feet

Bathed in a golden haze…


My high school teacher, Ed Gish used to say, “You gotta get your jollies in life were you can.”  He got his jollies from a perfectly cleaned black board.  I loved watching him clean the black board during study hour.  He had a system that he never deviated from, and when it was finished he would lean back on his desk and smile.  I loved that man.

Taking pleasure in the small things.

So to end the week, here is a small sampling of things that make my heart happy~

A delicious, comforting egg salad sandwich for lunch.  I love egg salad sandwiches.  Sadly, no one else in my family does.

Spring bulbs and seeds that will be planted this fall, and just when I’ve almost forgotten about them they will push up from dark, cold ground and remind me that spring has come.

I might have gone a little crazy with the sweet peas   I just kept hitting the “add to cart” button over and over.  Too bad there’s not a “plant in the ground” button I can push.

Little boys in mix-matched pajamas, playing on the floor… that makes my heart happy.

The perfect color for the bathroom walls.

And this, that came in the mail today

Here’s something thing that you might not know about me.  I love all things cheesy, corny, and tacky.  I do.  It makes me smile.  I never want to live in a world where everything and everyone is stylish.  I like the giant plastic monarch butterflies hanging on the side of the garage, the plywood painted to look like a fanny sticking up out of the flower bed.  To the woman at the deli counter in the powder pink polyester suit (with matching lipstick) I say, “Thank you.  Thank you for making my day!  Thank you for being your delightfully pink self.  You rock!”.  I hear people say, “If I ever start looking like that; just shoot me.”  But I say, if I look happy just let me be.  Where’s the harm in that?  Embrace the tacky. Love the cheesy.  And for heaven’s sake don’t ever take yourself too seriously!

Have a great weekend…

The contents of my head

We’re pretty serious about pizza at our house.  This summer it has become an “every weekend ritual”.  We like to go all out.  Pizza stones in the oven, pizza peels for pizza removal and cutting, lots of toppings, dough is tossed not rolled… the children gather in the kitchen to watch me toss dough every single time.  I know why the do.  They are hoping the pizza will land on my head… so far it always lands safely on my fists :)

Sometimes Justin will whip up a batch of his amazing thin crust pizza dough, but often we use Trader Joe’s fresh pizza dough.

This is “the Simeon” named after our good friend who invented it.  The Simeon is topped with bacon, small chunks of white potatoes that are fried in the bacon fat, mozzarella cheese, aged white cheddar (if I have any), and instead of red sauce I use Alfredo sauce mixed with basil pesto.

Since we have fresh garden tomatoes and basil this summer we’ve also been making a lot of pizza Margaritas.  So very good!!

Of course the children still like plain ole pepperoni and cheese :)   Mom and Dad might sneak a piece or two occasionally.

Sometimes we even have pizza for dessert!  Fruit pizza.  A slightly sweetened crust with a sweet cream cheese mixture spread over the crust and fresh fruit on the top!   It’s always a big hit :)


I was at Joanne’s Fabric last week and was delighted to find this new line of fabric.

Denyse Schmidt has a new line of fabric that was exclusively designed for Joanne’s Fabric.  I love her designs but they can be hard to fine because they are so popular, and they are sometimes very expensive!  So naturally I scooped up a sweet little stack of fabrics before they are all gone. 

I was thinking about using them to make a quilt like this~

{image source via flicker}
Don’t you love this quilt?!  But first I have to finish the quilt for my own bed


I’ve been thinking about parenting trends and philosophies lately.  Truthfully, it would be closer to the mark to say that I’ve been struggling with parenting trends and philosophies, lately.   Do you ever feel that way?  Do you ever feel conflicted with the voices and opinions that seem to be momentarily dominating world around you?  I do.  Like it or not parenting styles do seem to come in trends.  I listen to talks and read about parenting and I feel this hesitation, a check in my spirit that I can’t shake.  I begin to question myself because it seems to be what everyone else is doing, or the advise is coming from someone I admire or look up to… but that small voice is still there telling me something’s not right.  Something is not balanced.  I suppose the trouble I have with some of the dominate parenting trends is, they seem to be formed out of a reaction to some other parenting style.  Does that make sense? 

This is all sounding very negative and that is not my intent.  What I really want is to encourage us all to trust the Spirit God has placed in our hearts.  Don’t ignore that check you feel.  Don’t push it aside.  Don’t be swayed by trends, by passionate opinions, don’t base your parenting style on a reaction to someone else’s  parenting style.  Take the things you hear and measure them carefully against God’s word, against what you know to be true about the world we live in.  Trust your intuition.  Trust what you know about your own family.  Once you’ve done this, move forward in confidence and graciousness. 

One more parenting thought.  Never pass up an opportunity to praise another mother.  If you see her children behaving in a commendable way, tell her!  Don’t just make a mental note or assume that she knows that she is doing a good job.  Speak the words.  She needs to hear it more than you know.

It’s going to be a fun filled week!  Erik and Susanna are getting married!!  I might be a little hit and miss this week, but I am looking forward to posting more often and getting back to doing Show & Tell Wednesdays.  I have lots of ideas and in September I’m hoping to have more time to accomplish them.

As always, thanks for stopping by~  April