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First day of school.  I love it.  Everything about it.  From the pencil boxes and neatly packed lunches, to the beautifully decorated, perfectly organized classroom.  The first day of school is always a happy one.  No tears, just eager anticipation.

First-day-of-school-pictures, starting with J’s kindergarten year.

This year it was G’s turn, his moment, his time to proudly walk into school with a fresh scrubbed face, shiny new shoes, and a dinosaur backpack.

Mrs. Boone was there the moment G walked into the classroom.  She gave him a warm squeeze, told him how happy she was to see him and showed him were to put his things.

Mr. G’s desk, font and center :)

J was an old pro at the whole “back to school thing”.  He ran ahead of us and by the time we arrived at his classroom he had already put away his things and found his desk.

This is J’s classroom this year.  Isn’t it the sweetest?!  The 2nd grade class is going to be so cozy in this little one-room cabin.

These two are still as close as ever :)

My best friend’s youngest daughter also started kindergarten this year with G.  I’m so glad they will be together!

The second grade class with Mrs. Braley.  We are already loving J’s new teacher!

Mrs. Boone and the kindergarten class.

I was the school volunteer for the day so I was able to stay and peek in on G’s class. 

We finished the day in grand style with a trip the the frozen yogurt store with a bunch of the families from school.

Things I want to remember about G’s first day of school:

~ On our way out the door G jumped off the porch step and said, “First day of school… here I come!”.
~ The way J gently explained to G everything that would happen in Mrs. Boone’s class that day, and then said, “You’re going to do great!”.
~ And when it was time for G to leave my side and go with his class; I will always remember how suddenly nervous he looked, but he kept his chin up and did what he needed to do.  That’s my boy!

Life is good…

You’re three now my love, and even though you think you are quite grown up, you are still very small.  I love the way you twirl around the house in your mix-matched clothes, and the way you make up silly little songs that never rhyme and rarely make much sense.  You are an intriguing mix of sweet femininity and fiery determination.  You are loud and you like to boss everyone around.  You wear your sparkly shoes when you play in the dirt.  You are my favorite little girl.

We celebrated by decking the kitchen out with lots of steamers, balloons, and fresh blossoms.

All the grandparents came for dinner.  We had pesto pasta with sweet tea, and lots of garlic bread (because you like garlic bread).

You wore you church shoes.  You said (and I quote), “I love my church shoes, they are so clicky.”  And I smiled because I remembered a time in my life when having “clicky shoes” made me impossibly happy :)

We all sang to you.  You liked being sang to, but you had a hard time blowing out your candles.  It took several good blows and your brother, may or may not have, helped a little with the last blow.

After all the presents were opened and you donned your new princess finery, the grownups were sitting around enjoying coffee and chatting.  Your brothers were busy playing with your new pink cash register.  We were all so busy we didn’t notice that the birthday girl was nowhere about, until Grandma W. noticed what was going on in the kitchen~

There you were, all dressed up, helping yourself to the last of the birthday cake.

Helping yourself to the last of the birthday frosting to be exact…

You share your mamma’s love of all things fluffy and frosted ;)

The next morning your daddy took you to get breakfast, just you two.  You had the strawberry waffles.  The strawberries and whipped cream were devored, but the waffle sat untouched despite your daddy’s best coaxing.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for sending you to us.  There was a time in my life when a house full of rowdy boys was all I wanted.  Then you showed up… my beautiful, funny, messy,  rowdy little girl!

Love you, Mamma

The Rhythm of Home

One thing I love about going away is coming home.  Somehow the familiar ebb and flow of everyday life feels sweeter, pillows are softer, home looks homier.   I suppose that is what a rested body and mind will do for a person :)

Anyway, that’s what I’ve done for the last week, I’ve enjoyed just being home.  Three little bodies piled on me while I read bedtime stories.

Plus, fun things have been happening at home!  We have a new, spacious back porch…

…with lovely double doors leading out onto it.  I am picturing rocking chairs, hanging flower baskets, a red table and mix matches painted chairs for enjoying diner on the porch… yes it all looks lovely in my head :)

The weather as finally dipped down into the 70′s during the day.  The evenings are chilly.  Which means enjoying warm, slow-cooked meals, soups and homemade bread again!

My bread making assistants.  Gideon was determined to sit and watch the bread rise until it doubled.  He lasted about 3.5 minutes.

He wandered back in time to punch the dough down and help roll them into dinner rolls.

I also tried a new recipe for homemade cheese crackers.  I found the recipe on Pinterest.  I have been lured into the wonderful, addicting, time sucking, inspirational, black hole that is Pinterest.  If you’re interested you can find me here.

They turned out really well.  Very easy to make, just 5 ingredients, they were a big hit with the kids.  Next time I need to roll them out thinner though.

I took Eliza girl to get her hair cut for the first time.  I’ve been cutting it since she was a baby, but it’s gotten so much thicker and she’s gotten squirmier, so I thought it was time to bring in the professionals.

Can you see the look of apprehension written all over her face?

At first she didn’t even want to sit in the chair, but Liz brought out the bowl of suckers and suddenly Miss Eliza got very cooperative.  I wanted a simple A-line cut with some little bangs.  Simple and sweet, classic little girl style…

I really love the way it frames her little face!

And here they all are lined up ready for Awana Night… looking fresh-faced and darling!  This is the very first year they have all gone to Awanas.  The boys love it and Eliza loves it once she’s there   And Justin and I love having a weeknight to ourselves!

So that’s it.  All the big news from our little corner of the world!  See you again soon, April